What are the benefits of color therapy

Color Therapy Is Good For Your Health And Your Mood ?

 What are the benefits of color therapy ? 

A small article describing the benefits of color therapy for the wellness of your body and spirit.


What Colour helps depression?
What are the benefits of color therapy?
Is colour therapy effective?

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Color Therapy Is Good For Your Health And Your Mood

   The ancient Egyptians wore clothes in different colors depending on what they were doing and where they lived. The Incas and Mayans used different colors to affect the mood of everyone around them. Today, color therapy is one of the fastest growing trends in alternative medicine. Color therapy centers are being open all over the world and they attract a lot of customers.

    Color arise thanks to the flickering of the light - every nuance has a different frequency and is a source of energy, which makes the air vibrate at different speeds. The red color has the highest frequency, that is why it is associated with energy and even anger if it is too intense. The blue color has a very low frequency - this explains its soothing affect. The aim of color therapy is to balance the energy of the body and soul. Every person reaches harmony in a different way. He just needs to find his color.

    The black and crimson colors give power and energy, they better the circulation of blood and increase the desire for sex. To get this effect, you only need to have one bring accent in your attire. Yellow is the color of intellect. In order to activate it, put some daffodils in a vase on your desk or wear a yellow shirt under your dark work suit. Yellow is the color of life, even in small quantities it increases the creative capabilities and betters concentration. If you have to work at night, you should definitely buy a lamp a yellow lampshade.

    Color therapists recommend green and pink for spiritual harmony and mostly curing heart wounds. Pink increases self-confidence and predisposes other people. When a person is insulted or has suffered psychiatric harm, the classical way of protecting himself would be to imagine that he is closed in a cylinder of pink light with gold around the edges and that no one can breach this protection.

    The combination of green and orange guarantee for health and happiness. Fill your home with green plants that have big leafs, and on wall hang a rusty orange cloth. The bowl with oranges or light-green curtains with orange flowers will increase your mood. Blue color in your bedroom will help you relax. When you combine the blue with green it will strenghten the immune system. It is strange that the black color, too, has a calming effect. According to specialists every person has invisible energetic colors - chakras.

    Different colors turn out to have strong influence. When you have professional and personal troubles, instead of going into a depression, better find the colors, that influence you positively. If you are a pink type, you are a loving and tender by nature, but it would be nice to learn to love yourselves more. Green shows that you are active and practical and you never rely on someone Else's help. The violet type has a strong intuition and deep feelings and urges. The yellow chakra shows an interesting, active and stimulating person. The white one hides a good and balanced character. With white the possibilities are unlimited.


Is colour therapy effective?

Colour therapy is a safe and effective treatment and can be either be used on its own or alongside another therapy like physiotherapy or traditional medicine. Regardless of how it's used, it is important to understand that the therapy can strongly affect the mind and body


What are the benefits of color therapy?

What are the benefits of color therapy?

From minimizing rheumatoid arthritis symptoms to enhancing sleep patterns, color therapy has been proven to help those of all ages to reduce pain, enhance mental health, and boost overall wellness

What Colour helps depression?

The colour red is generally said to be associated with an increase in appetite, reduced depression and increased angry feelings, purple with boosting creativity and developing problem-solving skills, orange with optimism, blue with a sense of security and productivity, and green with a sense of harmony and effective

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