The most classic herbs

The most exotic herbs

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This is the beautiful vocation of aromatic herbs. They bring a little extra to the plate that makes the taste buds dance while protecting our body. Parsley, basil, mint, rosemary ... Discover the health benefits of the main aromatic herbs and how to use them wisely!

The most classic herbs

The benefits of chives :

it is full of vitamin C, has digestive and appetizing virtues, and flushes toxins from the body.
It can be cut, but does not tear, and is used to season a large number of dishes. It goes particularly well with potatoes and eggs, but as it does not support cooking, its only requirement is to be incorporated at the last moment. Its flowers are also edible and give color to summer salads.


The benefits of parsley :

diuretic, tonic, aphrodisiac and rich in vitamin A and C, parsley helps regulate menstruation and also relieve indigestion. Parsley, flat or curly - the dish remains tastier than the curly - is one of the elements of the bouquet garni and it is the main ingredient and tabbouleh. Its fragrant leaves are added to cooking and / or decoration when serving. It is ideal with raw vegetables, meats or even fried foods.

The benefits of thyme :

antiseptic and antibacterial, thyme is very effective against coughs and diseases of the bronchi. This aromatic plant is emblematic of the Mediterranean region, and is also a component of the bouquet garni. Thyme perfumes grilled meats and fish, vegetables and fruits, fresh cheeses, but its powerful aroma recommends having a light hand. It can be used fresh or dried and withstands cooking very well.

The benefits of rosemary :

most exotic herbs

antiseptic, stimulant and tonic, it is excellent for clearing the respiratory tract. It goes perfectly with lamb, pork and poultry, but also with game. And it goes wonderfully with Mediterranean fish as well as fruit-based desserts. Its stems can also serve as original skewers for improvised and fragrant grilling ...

The benefits of chervil :

diuretic, antiseptic, rich in vitamin C, it is suitable for dishes cooked with butter, dressings, eggs, soups, potato and green bean salads. Our grandmother's cooking was crazy about it, but it tends to disappear from our plates ... Its little anise and fine taste deserves more than flavoring soups. Crudités, grilled meats, omelets suit him as well.

The most exotic herbs

The benefits of dill :

A diuretic and antispasmodic, dill infusion - its seeds - is excellent for digestion and overcomes the most stubborn hiccups, it seems. It goes wonderfully with salmon, fish, eggs, potatoes, beetroot or even cucumber, crème fraîche. The seeds flavor vinegars, pickles and salads.

The benefits of mint :

An antiseptic, mint is often used to treat respiratory tract problems, nausea, asthma and rheumatism. Mint is one of the most widely used aromatic plants for its refreshing scent and is found in various forms in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Very popular with Mediterranean, Oriental and Asian cuisines, it perfumes savory and sweet dishes, season vegetables and meat, as well as fruit salads.

The benefits of sage :

tonic, digestive, stimulating of the liver and the stomach, it is used for the treatment of digestive diseases, nervous disorders, oral and skin infections. It can be used fresh or dried, and is the perfect flavor for white meats, especially pork. This plant is widely used in Italian cuisine, and is also very popular in Anglo-Saxon cuisine.

The benefits of coriander :

bactericidal and diuretic, source of vitamin K and possessing antioxidant properties, coriander has it all, but its particular taste is not unanimous. Indispensable in couscous and the basis of many curries, it gives dishes a little oriental taste, it is also called Chinese parsley. Its leaves perfume and decorate, its seeds grind and delicately perfume the rice, and its roots are pounded to become the staple condiment of Thai cuisine.

The benefits of basil :

it has digestive and bactericidal virtues, and also has the quality of keeping mosquitoes away. Emblematic of Italian cuisine, star product of pesto, basil goes wonderfully with white meats, lamb and fish, pasta, vegetables, especially tomatoes and just like mint, delicately flavor salads. fruits. Cooking softens its fragrance, and the mortar exhales it.

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