United Nations Security Officer Assessment


Security Officer Assessment facing  safety at work

This is a test sample for the recruitment of security officers at the level of the International Organization or at the level of the United Nations.

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When working in a camp or settlement, it is important to be aware of the situation and to let others know about your work. What does this imply?


Zirginia is convinced that she is being followed by a man on a motorcycle. What should she do?


You get a call from a man claiming to be in the local government. He wants to know who is in charge of the program in order to send him an official invitation to a reception at the palace. Do you have to give him this information?


 What can you do to avoid diversity security concerns?


What is cultural sensitivity?

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How to pass security officer assessment


 Security Officer Assessment facing surrounding safety


Despite your best efforts, your vehicle has been hijacked. What should you do?


You return to your hotel to pick up documents. You are surprised because the door is open. What should you do?



Pranz lives in a house surrounded by a fence. He installs a solid door equipped with a good lock. What can he do to protect the area between the fence and the gate?


Rianne goes on vacation to a tropical island. What can she do to prevent diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, such as malaria, dengue fever and the Zika virus?


What can be done to prevent a crowd from spiraling out of control?



What to do to protect dependents?



How do I report a security incident?


Security Officer Assessment facing safety at the field


Assessment Exercise for Field Security Coordination Officer
Assessment Exercise for Field Security Coordination Officer

You believe you have entered a mined area. How do you summarize your answer?



You are stopped by a police officer or a soldier at a checkpoint. What should you do?



After returning home, it is no longer necessary to take preventive measures for your health.


You speak with a colleague on the radio, you ask him to meet you at the south gate of the property. He answers:

“Well done Two to Charlie One. South portal. 5:00 p.m. Understood, I do. Finished."

What can you conclude from this conversation?



United Nations personnel enjoy a special status. As such, they are not required to comply with all the laws in force in the country.


Security Officer Assessment facing day to day situation

What does it mean to keep a “perimeter of protection” when driving?


You are on vacation and post pictures of the seaside resort where you are staying on social networks, saying: "Finally at the beach!" See you next week! This could put you in danger. Why?



What should you do to be safe at an airport, bus station or train station?



You have to go on a mission for a few months. In general, you are in good health and have no problems, so there is no need to have a medical or dental check-up.



You get a call from a man announcing that a radical group is going to blow up a UN office the next day if their demands are not met. You have to…



Your friend Dina has just been hit by a car and lies unconscious on the ground. What is the FIRST thing to do?


Since everyone expresses their stress differently, how can you tell if Luis, a coworker, needs help?


Having the emergency speed dial numbers stored in your mobile phone is an example of ...


Which of the following are the ways in which you risk endangering yourself and your colleagues?


Sexual harassment depends on individual and cultural views, intentions, expressions and misunderstandings. How can accidental sexual harassment be prevented?


What should be your main goal in a sexual assault?



Ryliver is at a party. Alcohol is flowing freely and he flirts with everyone.

He is having fun when his friend Vicky takes him by the arm and asks him to calm down a bit. What does he have to do?


Khalil notices a man in front of his building. He is convinced that he has already seen it several times. Can this have an impact on safety?


In general, how do you manage security risks?


 Security Officer Assessment facing residential security


You notice that most of the houses in the neighborhood are surrounded by walls, most often topped with electric fences. You also notice that all the houses are equipped with outdoor cameras. What does this inspire you?


What can a safety briefing be used for?



What can you do to prepare for a fire?



In general, what should you do if you are taken hostage?


You are having lunch in a busy restaurant, when your colleague Denise passes out. You must immediately seek help.


What is true about security visas?


Mafda is at a party when she starts to feel bad. She suspects someone has slipped a product into her glass. What should she do?


If you see an improvised explosive device (IED), you must ...



After a traffic accident, the police arrive and arrest you. They will, however, let you go after paying a small fine, if you sign a document where you admit it's all your fault. Do you have to sign it?


On the way back, you find yourself surrounded by a hostile crowd who notices that you are working at the UN. The demonstrators accuse you of being responsible for a delay in the realization of a humanitarian project. Choose the best option:


You can use your phone while driving, as long as you drive slowly or if the topic is very important.


You are in charge of finance at the UN and your son's school newspaper wants to interview you. During the interview, you are asked your opinion on what the United Nations should do in the context of an ongoing military conflict in the region. Could answering the question pose a security risk?


UNDSS is solely responsible for the development and implementation of security measures.


You are in an elevator when a man walks in. He doesn't say anything and doesn't move, yet you feel uncomfortable. What should you do?


How can you prevent diseases transmitted by blood, such as HIV / AIDS and the Zika virus?


Sexual assault and other personal incidents are just any other crime that MUST be reported.


Who is ultimately responsible for your safety?

 This is a test sample for the recruitment of security officers at the level of the International Organization or at the level of the United Nations.

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