How to Success When Working From Home

Business Advice - Suggestions For Success When Working From Home


Some good advice if you are planing on working from home.

Working from home is a dream for many, and for obvious reasons. It is also a wonderful possibility to combine work with a career as long as you can balance the responsibilities.


    Very often, working from home turns out not to be the dream work for many people that are not prepared for its risks and their productivity falls if they do not amend the necessary measures to isolate work from home. It is not possible to achieve success from home, but it is necessary to have decisiveness and persistence.
    In order to succeed you need to stick to the following suggestions:


e a ritual

    One of the major problems with working from home is that work and home are so connected that there is no visible line between them. This is dangerous and in most cases it leads to a failure. So start your work with a little ritual. It  could be different for every person - take a shower, dress for work, breakfast, plan the day. The main goal is to give yourself the signal that you are starting work and need to leave the home behind you.


    Work can get very complicated if we let that happen by having a lot to do and postponing it over and over again. Do not allow this to happen. Simplify your working day by concentrating on stuff that is really important, that has to be done by the end of the day. Try to get rid of the small things that only fill your day, or at least try to do all of them at once. Simplify your day and you will be much more productive from home.

Define limits for your work

    Define a beginning and an end of the working day, or tasks that have to be completed. No matter how you are going to structure your work, it is important to have a final hour. Otherwise, you could work more than you would at the office, because there would not be a home that you are in a hurry to get to. When it is time to end the work day, close everything and spend some time with your family and friends and get a rest.

Make a plan

    When you start work plan the things that you want to do by choosing a couple of important tasks or projects and effectively structure your day by dividing them in throughout the day. This will help you make sure that you have used your work time as best as possible and to make sure that you have done everything. In your program you have to include other stuff that you must not forget -  time for your family, to eat, as well as everything else that you might want to do.

Find some peace and quiet

    If your family or room mate is home, you need to find a peaceful place where you should work. You can not do much if the TV is working and the children are screaming. If it is possible, put you computer on a desk in a separate room.

Make your workspace nice

    Your working space needs to be not only peaceful, but also big enough so you can work and keep all you stuff there. Make it nice and make sure that it gives you the necessary mood to work.

Find the right time

    For most people there is a defined period of time during the day when they are more productive and can go the most work. Find out which part of the day is this time for you and try to maximise its use. Try not to do trivial things during this period, but the most important tasks for the day.


    If you are a regular employee, work from home or work on orders, you need to communicate with the people that you work with. This includes communication on how the work is going, what you have done so far, potential problems, as well as possible future actions. Make this communication regular, so you don't get accused of not doing your job.

Dress appropriately

    Many people make the mistake of working in their pyjamas not having washed their face in the morning. No matter how comfortable this looks, you feel more energetic and productive if you take a shower, wear comfortable clothes and in some way give yourself a nice look. Write down when you start and finish work. Since no one is watching you, you yourself are responsible for your time.

Limit your phone calls
    If it is possible define short periods of time (for instance twice a day 30 minutes) for phone calls, because otherwise, you might need to loose all day with them and not get any work done. When you make a phone call, make it short and on the subject.

Write only e-mails about work

    The problem with using e-mail from home is that many people mix work with pleasure and can spend all day writing and reading e-mails. It would be better to define time frames for e-mails and make them only work related, just like with the phone calls they should be short and on the subject.

Try to reduce interruptions to a minimum

    If you can, turn off your phone and ICQ and ask other people in your house not to disturb you while you work.

Do not combine work with childcare

Stay away from the couch

    You are tempted to move from the desk to the couch, to take a nap or watch some TV. The couch is a trap, and many people working from home could not get out of it.

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