Foot Massage For Edema and Over Pronation

Foot Massage For Over Pronation and Edema

After a stressful day, a relaxing hot bath is more than welcome. In the same way, your feet which have been carrying you around all through the day will be really glad to be pampered at the end of the day.

You have to understand that a luxurious foot massage not only makes your feet pretty but also works wonders for your emotional well being. Often, feet are the most neglected part of your body and you do look at them mostly when you buy sandals! You forget those important pressure points on your feet which connect to all other areas of your body. In Indian tradition, there is a custom of married women wearing a toe ring (bichiyaon the second toe of both the feet. Some women claim that apart from fashion and tradition, these rings are worn for a healthy uterus. The nerve-ending of that toe leads straight to the uterus and as the ring gets pressed around the toe, the blood circulation to the uterus also improves. I don’t know how far science would approve of this belief.

However, science would not deny that there are more than 7000 nerve endings on a foot. Foot massage is capable of stimulating these nerve endings to improve blood circulation, to relax your body, minimize stress and to relieve the body of any pains caused by the daily grind.

Foot Massage For Over Pronation and Edema

Foot Massage For Over Pronation and Edema

Foot Pain During Pregnancy

Women experience a lot of physical and mental changes on their way to motherhood. Some of them cause sheer discomfort while some others need medical aid. Varicose veins, cramping, foot pain, heel pain, flat feet and swelling are some common complaints that cannot be neglected. The reason for foot pain and swelling owes to the increasing weight in the upper part of the woman’s body.

·                     Over-Pronation- Due to weight gain, during pregnancy the expectant mother’s arch of the foot flattens out. This causes the feet to roll inward causing intense stress on the plantar fascia. It happens in pregnant women due to their hormonal changes which in turn help to relax their ligaments to allow a vaginal birth. Over-pronation or flat feet is also seen in people who are obese or in those with a flexible, flat feet. Over-pronation not only causes pain but also affects one’s balance.

·                     Edema-An increase in the fluid in the tissues can cause a swelling in the lower extremities. The enlarged uterus is the main reason for the unusual pressure on the pelvis and legs, for slowing down blood circulation and for blood accumulation in the legs. As a result women get a swollen purplish feet.

Hard landing could be a Foot Massage during flight; watch the video;

How To Soothe Your Aching Feet

·                     Ask your doctor about using ready-made orthotics during pregnancy.

·                     Use a proper fitting foot wear that does not hamper proper blood circulation. Look for extra support and shock absorption. Remember that your feet may change sizes during pregnancy.

·                     For over-pronation, look for shoes with adequate arch support and firm heel counter.

·                     Keep your feet elevated as you sit to avoid extra weight and pressure on them.

·                     Walk regularly.

·                     Applying mustard oil topically can help edema.

·                     Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

·                     Take a foot massage or reflexology.

How Reflexology Helps

Have you heard of reflexology?

Reflexology earns attention due to its simplicity, effectiveness and as a great way of prevention and cure. It is a pressure therapy by which you apply focused pressure on certain points on your feet. It not only helps people with stress, emotional hiccups and emotional vulnerability but also those with chronic pains. Reflexology is beneficial in treating varicose veins, high blood pressure, digestive complaints and ulcers, sleep disorders, nervous problems, arthritic complaints, skin problems and in slowing down aging. It is an ancient technique to promote the body’s own ability to heal itself and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Foot Massage Basics

·                     Get a good foot massage oil or cream with May Chang oil, Grapefruit essential oil and Ginger essential oil. Aroma oils are generally considered safe during pregnancy.

·                     If you are doing a foot massage on your own, recline on a sofa and put your foot on your lap. If you are lucky enough to get your partner to do it, recline on a bed or a sofa and relax!

·                     Clean your feet and soak them with Epsom salts. Epsom salts relax your body, soften skin, soothe aching muscles and relieve tired feet. They have a nice smell too.

·                     To aid relaxation, play some meditating music in the background.

·                     Stroking, ankle rotation, pivoting, kneading and finger walking are some of the methods of reflexology. Browse online for innumerable how to videos demonstrating reflexology techniques.

If you are a loving husband reading this, give your expectant wife the natural treatments of a relaxing and sensual massage treat today itself!

Validity of Breast Massage, Enjoy Breasts Massage

Massage and development of our muscles is a fundamental process in our bodies and our healths are to perfection. If you've ever taken a massage, you've probably noticed that one of the parts of your body that the practitioner tries not to play, are your breasts

Take care, pamper and massage your partner's breasts, Enjoy breasts massage
Massage and development of our muscles is a fundamental process in our bodies and our healths are to perfection. If you've ever taken a massage, you've probably noticed that one of the parts of your body that the practitioner tries not to play, are your breasts, which is very understandable. The massages activate the lymphatic drainage and oxygenate the tissues, being a good way to detoxify the body.

Maybe it is time for yourself or even, or rather your partner, undertake this preventive measure, but also enjoyable. But to that woman likes to caress her breasts? Probably none. This area is one of the most sensitive and exciting woman. This activity is a mixture of health and pleasure. It is therefore essential to highlight that there is a type of massage can offer great benefits: manual lymphatic drainage. Using this technique breasts are gently massaged so that it causes the lymph capillaries open and close repeatedly, this action helps to transport toxins from cells and deposited in the lymph nodes, which are responsible for their removal from the body. It is important to note that the lymphatic system is one of the most important routes of detoxification of the body.
But health and massages are fine, but for now let's leave aside its health benefits, to focus on the pleasure produced by this massage "chest." The breasts are the focus of erotic stimulation in women, but men, only the idea of watching them, hug them or lick them the excitation. For the massage, in addition to oil, you need two key ingredients, the passion and pleasure, something that does not let go. It is best to use available resources, seeking new ways to arouse excitement in them.

If eroticism and sexual attraction is breasts or breasts are the first to appear, they are undoubtedly the stars of sexual incursion. Its appeal lies partly in being one of the most erogenous zones in the body of a woman. Not to mention that men are also worthy of stimulating and for many of the men, most of what is believed, his excitement to caress, kiss or lick the nipples of the man surprised more than a woman. With so much power resided in the breast of a woman, is a must use all its resources, both stimulants and affective. Not enough to grab a kiss to the suction increases the chances.

While actively encouraging breast nerve endings in the mammary glands and that's a physical fact, the excitement is a thing of meanings and signifiers, where it does not matter who exercises it and how it does.

The type of approach is vial. So without further ado please get to work and calls or make a breast massage. Accompanied, if possible, with a little cream or lubricant body, there are plenty of exciting oils, flavors and fragrances to this type of massage. Start slowly discovering and preparing the ground for the massage, do not forget that above all women welcome compliments their curves, their shapes and sinuses are clear.

Begin your massage is soft and sensitive, but above all, without haste. 

The best way is to make circles with upward direction, so you activate the movement. After a while massaging going to approach them and gently kiss them completely and then concentrate on the nipples. Taken with the lips is a good idea and put them in his mouth and pulled gently, even better. Do not forget to alternate the two breasts regularly. When finished with the breasts continue to enjoy every part of your partner's body.

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