Why Do We Need to Exercise

Do you know the reasons why do we need to exercise?

Everybody needs to be physically fit and mentally sound in order to achieve and experience a quality and happy life. But many ignore and overlooked the benefits of a regular exercise. Many does not know that its one if not the only important thing to do to be energized all day and have a longer and healthy life.

A healthy body is having a physically fit body and a mentally sound mind and that is one thing for sure. That can only be attained through a regular exercise. We all know that exercise has many benefits not only to our body and but also with our soul as well. It is the most if not the greatest way to live our life to the fullest. Being physically active lets your body energized just like being completely tuned-up.

 Exercise helps and contributes to live a happy life but there are some factors which will help us understand and realize the concept of the need to exercise or the reason why do we need to exercise? I always believed that it was an essential part of everyone's lifestyle regardless of whether one had the time and effort do so.

 In this article, we will discuss some of the underlying reasons that will help us determine why do we need to exercise?

1. It helps us strengthen our heart.

 Everyone needs a healthy heart as it is one of the most important organs in our body. Its primary function is to pump out blood that runs throughout the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular exercises benefit the good circulation of the blood through the heart and blood vessels. It makes the heart work harder and pumps more blood that reduces the risk of developing heart disease. The pressure that it exerted in the artery walls helps in the flowing of the blood smoothly also helping the risk of developing high blood pressure. As the blood travels smoothly and efficiently, it brings the much needed oxygen from the lungs and nutrients to the rest of the body. It is the primary reason one feels refreshed and energetic after an exercise.

 2. It helps us manage our weight.

 Everybody needs a healthy body, right? Healthy that it does not only looks but also feels fit and strong. A regularly built body is one that looks and feels strong and energetic. One tends to gain extra weight when not physically active and as one grows old. A body needs a certain amount of calories daily just to function properly. Excess fats may be stored when one eats more calories than his body needs. So an exercise is needed in order to burn the extra calories consumed so as not to be stored as an excess fats resulting to gaining weight. Losing body fat makes you feel better and look good; a physically fit body that is ready to take the world.

 3. It helps strengthen our bones and muscles.

 As one grows older, there is a tendency that bone mass and density decreases that will result in developing the bone-weakening disease, “osteoporosis”. Exercises such as weightlifting and other resistance exercises that uses muscles to counter some kind of resistance was believed to strengthen the muscles, preserve if not increase the bone density. It is important and beneficial to do regular exercises as this will help build muscles and bones to be strong.

 4. It always gives us quality sleep at night.

 One never wanted to spend the whole night staring at all the four corners of the bedroom ceiling till the next morning breaks. A Sleepless night results to a state of being unhappy and not conditioned the whole day. Studies shows that a moderate exercise spent at least three hours before bedtime helps and gives a relaxing and a quality sleep at night for people having sleeping problems. Having a quality sleep at night makes you mentally alert and gives you strength and energy the whole day. Everybody loves this state of well being. Start it now by having a regular exercise and aim for an eight hours a night of sleep.

 5. It always puts us in a better mood.

 Does everybody want to have a better mood every day? Having a better mood allows you to do everything you wanted to do. A regular exercise activates the neurotransmitters (chemicals used by the nerve cells to communicate with one another) that avoids depression. This neurotransmitter plays a greater role on how one responds to daily activities. Balanced neurotransmitter allows one not to experience depression but respond actively to events and activities in a better mood.

 6. It rewards us a better sex life.

 Exercise is often an overlooked component of a better sex life. Sex does not require an extraordinary skill; it only takes a lot of energy. However, we lacked the time and energy for sex. Study shows that at least a third of American couples experience a lack of sexual desire. Those were the ones who lack time and effort to do regular exercises. An exercise makes us feel strong and energized allowing us to have the benefit of a better sex life. But, do we know that sex can also help ease joint and muscle pain, combat depression, promote heart health and lengthen life span?

 To cut the long story short, a regular exercise is one of the best things you can do in order to live a longer and healthier life. If it sounds good, go and establish a daily exercise regimen that will let you benefit all the underlying reasons why we need to exercise? Live a better life.

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