How to use Whenever- Wherever- However WORDS

Rules of Whomever- Whatever- Whichever- Whenever- Wherever- However

The following -ever words give the idea of “any.” Each pair of sentences in the examples has the same meaning.

(a)  How to use Whoever:           

- Whoever wants to come is welcome.

- Anyone who wants to come is welcome.


(b)  How to use Who (m) ever:         

- He makes friends easily with whom (m) ever he meets. *

- He makes friends easily with anyone who (m) he meets


(C) How to use Whatever:         

- He always says whatever comes into his mind.

- He always says anything that comes into his mind.



(D) How to use Whichever:         

- There are four good programs on TV at eight o’clock.

- We can watch whichever program (whichever one) you prefer.

- We can watch any of the four programs that you prefer.


(e)  How to use Whenever:       

- You may leave whenever you wish.

- You may leave at any time that you wish.


(f)  How to use Wherever:         

- She can go wherever she wants to go.

- She can go anyplace that she wants to go.

(g)  How to use However:         

- The students may dress however they please.

- The students may dress in any way that they please.



* In (b): whomever is the object of the verb meets. In American English, whomever is rare and formal. In British English, whoever (not whomever) is used as the object form:


Exemples :


- He makes friends easily with whoever he meets