The right treatment for Alcoholism Depression

Getting the Right Help-Big Time Important."Call me when you Sober"

A Psychiatrist is the best place to start

Getting the right treatment for Alcoholism/Depression/Anxiety/Addiction is key to your recovery. Symptoms of Anxiety Depression can lead to fatal results.

Sounds logical. Doesn't it? Unfortunately my friends not so straightforward. A Psychiatrist would seem the right place to start. But is it? Symptoms of depression anxiety and a call me when you sober attitude could ruin the best of intentions. The medical profession by it's own admission is sharply divided on the core reasons for Alcoholism and Depression. As a result the treatments are as varied as the wind that blows. Your mission in life, once you think that you are heading for disaster,has to be a determined search for the right one for you. My own example is a classic case. It was nobody's fault. Just circumstances and my own lack of information and knowledge. To refresh-

I drank most of my adult life. Got seriously hooked and got very ill. Visited a number of professionals and finally was admitted for "Sleep Therapy". It worked wonders for me. Have a look at my 2006 posts.

Came out of that nightmare and then found myself almost exactly one year later with a huge and dangerous Depression and prescription drug problem. Once again I floundered around and then finally hit the jackpot. A couple of old school professionals could see that my Symptoms of Anxiety Depression were severe and arranged for ECT(Shock Treatment). I walked out of that a brand new man. Once again have a a look at my 2006 posts.

A total of 4 Psychiatrists,8 Psychologists and 3 General Practioners were finally on my CV until I finally hit the jackpot.

The point is that you would think that all you have to do is present yourself to the nearest Doctor and Bob's your uncle. Not so. A Psychiatrist treats the worst cases but sometimes a Psychologist is the answer to get some good old fashioned one on one. You will come across the Call me when you Sober brigade. Move on.

Here is a brief summary of the different treatment regimes that can help Alcoholism and Depression:

One on one couselling involving Cognitive Behavourial Therapy. In other words they try and talk you out of the mess.

treatment for Alcoholism Depression

A soft Rehab programme where you sit around discussing your problems and addictions. Eating well and hopefully sleeping most of the night with a little help.

Continual visits to the trusted family physician and regular handouts of pills to help you relax,sleep and even think.

The "last resort" treatment. The big Daddy of them all. ECT. Electro Convulsive Therapy. But this is for the worst cases of Depression and suicidal tendencies.

All have their merits and frankly all can work depending on your level of severity. By the time you need treatment you are probably incapable of organising any of these options and will rely on the good favour of your loved ones to butt in. Withdrawal symptoms from Alcoholism are a frightening prospect to face even for the toughest of the tough. Sleep Therapy worked a treat for me. One week in Noddy Land and I awoke to a new beginning. Highly recommended.

I will get into the organisations such as the Alcoholics-Annoymous and Alanon who tend to provide the help once you have been to the medical guys.

The point is you do have options. Ask about them. A Psychiatrist, Psychologist or General Doctor have your best interests at heart. If something is not working,move on. I would not be writing this blog today if my loved ones had not kept pushing for the best and correct treatment for me. Symptoms of Anxiety Depression and the occasional Call me when you Sober did not deter me finding the best help, when it really counted.

I always like to quote Sir Winston Churchill. In the darkest days of the Nazi threat he urged his little island:

"If you are going through hell. Keep going."


Tough Love-A Solution or a Problem? Addiction and Anxiety need a special action

Addiction and Anxiety can force your loved ones into action.

Tough Love has been practised for years. It is not really in the Medical Text books. But it can work even though the Anxiety of the loves ones can prevent them using this tactic. Addiction and Depression can sometimes result in this heart wrenching decision.

Anybody who has been

involved in the world of Alcoholism and Depression, be they the sufferer themselves or close family and friends are well aware of the term "Tough Love". The Anxiety of using it can outweigh the emotional rollercoaster it inevitably involves. The deadly combination of Addiction and Depression may leave you with little choice. But what does this actually mean and has it a place in the treatment of these two awful silent killers?

At one time or another as a sufferer of Alcoholism and Depression you will be confronted by this alternative "treatment". It normally makes it's appearance in your Caregivers office and is offered to your loved ones as something to seriously look at. I had "Tough Love" applied to me and it worked. A final ultimatum from my loving partner, Mary. She asked me to choose between the bottle and her. Sitting today years after this event it seems like a complete no-brainer. Of course I would choose her. However at the time I was lost in the dark world of Alcoholism and Depression. A very dark and isolated place where reason, compassion and logic have been replaced by hopelessness, despair, suspicion and confusion.

I made the right choice and after Sleep Therapy and ECT (Shock Treatment) I re-entered the world of reality. So it worked for me. Would it work for you is the question?

Generally "Tough Love" will involve family members forcing the issue with the sufferer, in most cases against their will. It could be forcing you into rehab, a divorce or the immediate withdrawal of alcohol and drugs. For the sufferer it means a very unpleasant choice to be made. They will be very aware of the consequences of these actions to them. The Anxiety of choosing this method should always be offset against the possible outcome of the Addiction and Depression raging in the Sufferer. On most occasions these decisions will be taken with the support of the Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist etc.

Mary explained to me later that it was a terrible decision for her to make but she felt it was the only way to get me on the road to recovery. Even my Psychologist had a good laugh with me later. In my case, all's well that ends well. But this is not always the case. The "Tough Love" scenario can lead to the addict digging in their heels and almost adapting a " nobody loves me anymore". Of course this is not true but in their condition it can be seen as an act of disloyality and betrayal. It should be used with caution and at the right time.

Presently I am helping an old friend battle with his Addiction and Depressioin problems. He is a wonderful man and like all of us has his demons. Years of abuse and illness, hospitals and promises have not worked. A visit from his spouse for my advise resulted in a decision to confront him with an ultimatum. Clean your act up or lose the love of your life. It was not an easy decision for me to take but at the end of the day the object is to save his life and his mind. If it means he is going to be pissed off with us all, so be it.

Apply it with compassion for your crippled loved one. A positive outcome will relieve your Anxiety of applying it. To let Addiction and Depression take it's course could result in a far worse scenario. As a general rule I would seriously consider it when the illness has reached extreme levels and the overall health of the sufferer is approaching dangerous territory. With luck, prayer and timely medical intervention you can hopefully all laugh about it later on.