Is stress making your romantic life less than it could be?

Is stress making your romantic life less than it could be?

When you were younger (whatever that means to YOU), and you were more in lust with your partner, you could not get enough romance and sex!  Your attention was on them and your synergy together.  You had a private small smile on your face at work, in church or temple, and when you were cleaning the house.  You tingled, you sparkled, you felt great.  The anticipation of the next time, the next touch was amazing.

Time passed.  Work and worry about family, finances, whatever now fills a more prominent area of your consciousness.  How did that happen?  Now you get irritated when your partner wants to be intimate, you would rather wait, or sleep, or eat, or rest.  What happened to the sexy, eager, joyful you???

We need to learn to relax.  Breathe. Give ourselves a break.  Men can switch into sexy mode most of the time easier than a woman can, but this article is relevant for everyone.  When you relax. you can pay attention to the moment, pay attention to your partner, pay attention to your fantasies.

Yes, I did mention fantasies.  If you can relax, then your conscious mind lets go of the "real world".  Your fantasy may just be a dream like memory of a romantic getaway, or it could be a full blown fantasy of an orgy with every movie star that turns you on.  It doesn't matter.  The imagination can actually cause our body to react, so you can get physically ready for your sexual pursuits through an active fantasy session.

Tantric exercises are amazing.  You can learn to breathe, relax, and stimulate your energies to the point of orgasm without touching.  Amazing.  True.  Check out weekend workshops held near where you live.  Find out what kind of exercises will be done.  Know ahead of time if you will be required to do things in front of other people, or in different levels of undress, before you commit to that particular workshop.  Some people thrive in group naked environments, and others would run out screaming.  Choose the workshop level that will work for you and your partner.

How does Stress Affect Your Love Life?

Find out what you need to adjust in your life to be less stressed in general.  Taking a walk, getting more exercise, having someone to talk to about your day, working with a therapist to blast through some issues that you are holding on to, changing your diet (less caffeine?).  Take the steps that are important for YOU.

If you have forgotten that feeling of being in love, or of being in lust - you can rekindle that if you want to.  Plan a romantic getaway, even if it is in part of your house.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to rekindle your romance.  As long as you do not have a problem with alcohol, a light wine can help the mood.  If you are comfortable try toys or costumes, whatever you like.  Be adventurous.  Just DON'T be boring.

I know that by reducing stress, and bringing that spring back into your step, you will be fine!

Should I Take an Energy Healing Class?
What will you learn? How can you use it in your life? Energy Healing helps you in so many ways.
Have you ever wanted a little magic in your life?  Have you wondered how you can help yourself or your family feel better in between doctor’s visits?  Have you wanted to have more personal power in your life?

Energy healing is taught in many different forms.  Over the many years in my path, I have studied forms of Reiki, Energy Psychology, Pranic Healing, Acupressure, Meditation, Hypnosis, Merkaba Healing, Deeksha/Oneness Blessings, and much more.  I have found that the higher you get in studying Religion, Spirituality, and Healing, the more that you find out that there is a huge amount that all of the traditions have in common.  When you learn the core of those commonalities, you have the basis of incredible healing techniques.

It doesn’t always matter where you start.  Maybe you will have a free teleclass on a healing method, or a free workshop in a nearby town.  If the teacher or presenter works with energy, you will feel it.  You will feel great when you hear or read about the class.  It will call you! 

Energy Healing is evolving.  It is much more effective when you learn a technique now.  We are meant to heal each other, and to be healer.  In past generations, healing was dedicated to only a few in each generation and in each society.  Now, anyone with an interest can learn.  It is no longer secret and prohibitively expensive.  When I first started training in Reiki, there were no books allowed, and when you practiced the healing symbols with your teacher, you had to burn them at the end of class!

The Energy and Healing systems are getting easier to access.  Now, you can watch videos on and see examples of healing for free.  Some people actually film themselves giving distant healings, and you can feel the effectiveness while you watch the recording!

New and wonderful trainings are conceived and promoted all the time.  Listen to your inner judgment.  Your higher self knows if that is too much money, and you should keep looking.  Or if this is the teacher that is right for you at this time in your life.

The final answer is, yes, if you are interested in learning to heal yourself and others you should take a class in whatever manner you choose.  You can learn so much from online groups.  I belong to a number of yahoo groups, and you will meet people there that discuss their experiences with different healing classes and systems.

The world is opening up to higher spiritual experiences, and you are getting on a train that has an amazing destination.  Go for it!

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