Tips and Suggestions to Stop Smoking Easily

How can you really quit smoking? What can you do to help youself to stop smoking?

I stopped smoking myself on a Christmas morning more than 20 years ago with no planning, and no side effects.  This was after many years of smoking up to 3 packs a day.  It was a miracle, and I know that God orchestrated a Divine Healing for me.  I also know that my subconscious  mind planned it for me that way.  I have studied and experimented for years to give a similar experience to my clients.

In using Hypnosis, we give positive suggestions to the subconscious mind in order to change the “internal programming”.  The rest of the therapy helps us clear away the stress factors that we are coping with. Smoking is a coping device for our life, and we need to clear the path so that the smoking habit is not just transferred to another unhealthy habit, behavior, or reaction in our lives.

Most of my clients stop smoking permanently after one to three sessions.  At our center we use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Here are some of the ideas that I give them to help change their energy at home, the car, and at work.

I suggest that they use a Hypnosis CD at least once a day for 21 days, and then every few days or once a week for as long as they feel that they need reinforcement.

Tips When Stopping Smoking:

Clean your car – change the way it smells.  Use lavender, either dried buds in your ashtray, or get a spray from a place that has aromatherapy.

Change the energy in areas where you smoked – rearrange furniture, have fresh flowers, update colors, new slipcovers, etc.  See later section on energy.

Let everyone else that smokes alone.  Don’t try to change them or get them to quit.  You can still be with them, even if they smoke and let them be.  It will almost be like their smoking is invisible to you.

Bring more colors into your life.  Explore all of your senses.  Do something creative.  Find a hobby.  Make something.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Easily

Learn to enjoy tastes and smells.  Don’t just eat a lot of something, become an expert in new and wonderful sensations.  After you stop smoking, after 3-7 days you will begin smelling and tasting new flavors and aromas. 

Clearing Energy of Your Self

Sit in a safe place and close your eyes.  Imagine that you are surrounded by a beautiful white light.  Let all of the stress, tension, and negative energy be transformed into healthy and powerful life-giving energy by the light. 

This seems so simple, but it really works.

Stop Smoking Easily; Clearing Energy of Your Spaces

Use incense (especially sandalwood, or dragon’s blood) to clear energy in your rooms.  You can also use sage.

You can spray essential oils, clearing sprays.

You can play beautiful music, and/or OM chanting.  You can use bells, chimes, or drums to change the vibration in the room.  You can clap your hands.


This is a section of the beginning meditation on each of the CD’s that I record.  This is a part that you can practice anytime, it doesn’t have to have all of the details, just remember the feeling and put yourself in the NO TIME ZONE.  This can be done as often as you like as long as your are not driving, and you can allow yourself to relax.

It is easy for you to fly, without effort you and I can fly away from here, up to the sky.  The air temperature is perfect.  The sky is brilliant and beautiful.  The light breeze feels gentle and fresh on your face.  You are comfortable, safe, and free.  A divine white light that keeps you safe and feeling wonderful surrounds you.

We decide to fly over the ocean.  It is wonderful.  It is night now, and the sky is black like velvet.  The stars are brilliant, and it seems that they are so close.  The moon is full and bright.  The reflection of the moon shines and reflects onto the soft, gentle waves that come into the beach.  You are amazed at how clearly you can see the sand and the details all around you. 

We come to a point where you are moving, yet you are also completely still.  You have shifted into an alternate dimension, the NO TIME ZONE.  You can spend as much time as you need to in this space, and only a few moments will pass on in normal, linear time. 

You feel your energy centers opening, clearing of negative energy, and filling with good, healthy energy.  Notice your forehead.  Let any tightness go, and just relax.  Notice the spot between your eyebrows, just let it be. Focus your attention on your throat.  Feel it opening.  Now, let your energy shift to your heart area.  Fill it with loving and rose colored energy.  Feel your solar plexus, the spot below your breastbone.  Feel it clearing and feeling light.  Finally, notice the spot below your belly button.  Feel it filling with energy, this area stores extra energy for you – almost like the reserve gasoline tank in the original Volkswagen cars.


It is easy for me to choose life and health.
I exercise and choose healthy foods every day.
I am free of cigarettes and smoking, and feel comfortable with the change.
I feel a new balance in my life, and am content.
It is easy for me to deal with my feelings appropriately, and to work them out naturally.
I am eager for every new day, and feel healthy and strong.
Every day free of smoking is a day full of peace and joy.

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