New strategies Marketing strategies of Information Services in Libraries and CRM

Library is the heart and mind of educational institutions. We the entire team of GNIMS feel very proud that ,in just seven years our library has taken a giant leap in the world of digitization and is keeping in pace with the changing global scenario.

ABSTRACT :-Today whole business is depend on marketing, therefore marketing strategies of any product is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result,  that is from customer’s point of view. Thus marketing strategies means working with market to actualize potential exchanges for the purpose of satisfying human needs and wants. Information is the power and libraries and information centers are the reservoir of this information. Libraries are also profit services industries and information is their key product. Marketing strategies in Library with rapid advanced in on-line technology sector the libraries are experience a period of radical changes in all the activities, particularly while providing information services to their users. Today Libraries and information professional must assume a proactive role to cope with increasing competition.

KEYWORD:-CRM, Marketing strategies of information Product
According to the marketing strategies Guru Philips Kotler “ Marketing strategies as the analysis, planning, implantation and control of carefully formulated programmers, designed to bring about voluntary exchanges of values with targets, markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objective”. It relies having on designing the organization’s offering in terms of target market’s need and desired and on using effective pricing, communication and distribution to inform, motivate and services the markets.
Marketing strategies bring in an element of competition, which will result in providing better services. Marketing strategies is a process that can help Librarians of libraries in achieving self sufficiency in their resources and provide an optimum level of services to reach more potential users and to encourage the use of library resources. This naturally requires a selft from product or services orientation to customer . various types of tools for collecting and analyzing useful data about information need of the customer, which assists in designing, developing and delivering  appropriate services.  

Levels of Marketing:-

There are two types of levels of Marketing

Strategic Marketing:-

Strategic Marketing strategies attempts to determine how an libraries competes against its competitions In a marketing strategies place. In particular , it aims at generating competitors.

Operational Marketing:-

It is executes marketing strategies functions to attract and keep customers and to maximize the value derived for them, as well as to satisfy the customer with prompt services and meting the customer expectation.
Dr. Ranganthan concepts of the five laws of Library science had the marketing strategies strategic concepts at their core five laws were :-
1St Law Books are for Use :-Maximize the use of books  as product
2nd Law Every Reader his/her Book :-Reader is the prime  factor  and there need must be satisfied
3rd Law Every Book its reader:-Find  a reader or customer for every book
4th Law Save the time of the Reader:-Arrange  information in such a way that the reader finds his desired information promptly. Don’t dissatisfy a customer.
5th Law A Library is growing organism: - Libraries are not made; they grow
A focus on customer needs 2nd and 4th Law clearly emphasized in these laws devised in the back to 1931 and also the 3rd law relates to finding a reader probably implying that the library should reach out to the customer.

Modern Ways of Marketing strategies Information Services IN GNIMS Library:-

There have been so many new strategies methodologies for promoting information services of GNIMS Library:-
  • Electronic Networked environment (WEB- OPAC System):-
Library is equipped with Web OPAC system. It is the main basic search or the best online cataloging. It provides the user with appropriate information about the new strategies arrivals, Books etc.
  • Current Awareness Services (CAS) :-

Current Awareness Services (CAS) is extensively for users. The list of new strategies additions to the Library collection is displayed on the Library notice board every month. 
  • Clippings Services: -
Clippings of content page of the subscribed Journals/ Magazines are maintained for reference to the users. And any other important News related to the AICTE, DTE or any other governing bodies are also stored for the reference.
  • Inter Library Loan Services:-

Khalsa College established in 1937 have rich collection of Library materials. Gnims Library and Khalsa College Library work in collaboration with each other so, that user can get optimum benefits. Resources are shared according to the needs of the user.
  • Telephonic Renewal Facility:-
The library facilitates the Telephonic Renewal Facility for its part-time user’s. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of part-time students, GNIMS Library has start a new strategies services called as T.R.F. Students can renew strategies their library material by just making one call.
  • Monthly Books Display:-
Every month books are exhibited to create an awareness about the subject related books and new strategies addition. Students, faculty and staff members can select appropriate book according to their need.
  • Library Database:-
Library has EBSCO’s Online Business management strategiesDatabase, Business Source Elite. It has rich collection of full text publication, trade journals and general business Magazines, full text country economic strategies reports, reviews, studies & surveys, Industry reports, market research reports, case studies, company profiles etc. Access is available to EBSCO Database 24/365 via EBSCO host with unlimited access to all students and faculty within the campus.
  • Interface with the other Library:-
We have created good relation with other Libraries in   the city. For example we try to get the Xerox copy of the book which are unavailable in our Library from other institution. But we also reciprocate them by giving a Xerox copy of a book which other institutions don’t have.  We make it as a complementary one. We have life time membership with BOSLA (Bombay Science Library Association) And ILA (Indian Library Association)
  • Research Activities of the Library:-
There is a growing recognition of the need to manage the increasing flow of information, Ideas & Knowledge more affectively & efficiently. The Seminar conference aims to bring together Academics Researchers & Industry Practitioners on a single  platform to review research in the domain of Library & Information management strategiesat different levels & recommend strategies for improving the  quality of library  & information management strategiesServices. We organize Research seminar on National level with the regular interval and publish annual Journal.
  • 13. Annual Membership:-
Library provide to services with ex-GNIMS Students for their benefit as annual membership. And anybody can come and refer the book from GNIMS Library showing their identifications as I-Card, authority letter etc.
Bonafide certificate:-
We provide Bonafide certificate to the students to use the other Libraries as per their rules and norms and for the students benefit.
  • Suggestion/Feedback:-
   For continuous improvement in the Library we have suggestion box so, that user suggestion, as well as feedback form will help us to improve our services. We get feedback forms filled after the course completion. 
Staff training /education and promotional practice:-
The goal of the practice was to refresh the library staff members and educate them about the prevailing work practices in other college/institutional libraries and also to develop a clear promotional policy to the library staff and thus enhance the performance level in a Library System. The library staff member always try to taken for a  visit to other College/ Institutional libraries to study their functioning, the purpose being to refresh them and also make them aware about the best practices followed elsewhere.
Skill for Servicing SHGS:-
Team building, interpersonal relationship communication and motivation soft skills are the foundations on which SHGS are built. If Library professional is equipped with these soft skills. They can play an important role in the knowledge transfer process.
GNIMS Library team performed good interpersonal relationship soft skills with Library users. 
“Without Library, No Knowledge”
“Without Librarian, No Academics”
  • Organizational Membership:-  
Institute has tied up with British Council Library and American Information Resource Centre   to share their literary resources to benefit the users, who are also invited for special screening and other educational interactions.
  • Library Timing:-
GNIMS Library provides 12hrs services to their valuable students for all the seven days of a week.  
  • Guidelines for borrowing:-
Gnims Library provides two Library cards to each Student for issuing the books; they can issue two books at a time from the Library. Faculty can issue 10 books at a time. Library card can be used for the following:-
Sr. No
Items Type
Over dues per day
7 days
3 Weeks
2 days only back issues
3 times
Rs. 10/-
Over Night  Any Material
1 day
1 time
1 day
Students projects
1 day

User can issue max.5books at a time for reference in the Library campus

  • Xerox and Printout Facility:-Library User can save their time and use both the facilities in the Library.
  • Reservation of the Books: - According to 3nd Law every book should be circulated to the users, so user can claim a book which is already issued by other user.
  • Orientation: - Library organizes an orientation every year for all the users at the time of induction programme, so that all the resources are utilized to the optimum level.
  • Question Paper for reference :-
Hard copy of Question papers are available in the library. User can take when they required
  • On Students Request:-During the exams period, library can be accessed even on public holidays. This faculties is available only on student request.
  • Purchase of Book (S) Students can save their time and money by placing the order of the required book through the Library.


The initiation of modern technologies has considerably changed the approach of individuals and institutions towards libraries and information centers. In tune with this change, the libraries and information centers are now required to improve and adapt themselves to the changing conditions. With the modern societies becoming more and more information conscious, well-equipped and users-friendly libraries have become the essential ingredients of the civilized world.

Library is the heart and mind of educational institutions. We the entire team of GNIMS feel very proud that ,in just seven years our library has taken a giant leap in the world of digitization and is keeping in pace with the changing global scenario.
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