Very soon after the signing of the founder Act, the parties are realizing a misunderstanding on its interpretation that would amplify that Russian policy makers were applying tokens of recognition. It is indeed important they seek to mitigate both the decline in Russia for the West, the erosion of its influence in the post-Soviet space and the futility of his army in AFGHANISTAN. Military commitment from NATO to the KOSOVO will lead to hardening of Russia to the exasperation positions to the point that this crisis analysis as serious pus in relations between NATO and Russia since the end of the cold war.



Born of the NATO-Russia agreements misunderstandings erupting in broad daylight with the crisis in KOSOVO between February 1998 and June 1999. One of the major collateral effects of this crisis lies in increasing awareness by Moscow partnership with NATO structures do not allow to make its voice heard.
Actor without right of codecision, "implicit member NATO", Russia is also concerned that the Alliance has the willingness and ability to engage in similar actions in closest areas borders where its interests are most directly affected.
Row initially on the Western side on the principle of pressure to exercise the power of BELGRADE, Moscow in away that is said military action plan, and the use of force against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia highlights in a brutal way the collapse of the Russian resources on the international scene. Allied bombardments gave the signal to an outbreak of spectacular on the part of the Russian manifestations: a half turn in full flight Prime Minister PRIMAKOV en route to WASHINGTON, verbal inflation and incantatory speech Recalling the hours of the cold war, such formula b. Yeltsin which refers to the possibility of "appropriate measures, including military", the "genocide against the people of Yugoslavia", used by Foreign Minister IVANOV, or even heard of "European VIETNAM" on the part of the Minister of defence SERGUEEV.
The President of the State Duma, SELEZNEV leaves even the announcement of an order that would have been given to point missiles at war against Yugoslavia, countries statement that adds to the confusion and requires several denials. LIMAN, frigate equipped with intelligence is dispatched in the Adriatic, while humanitarian convoys have joined the territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Completely devastated Russia suspends cooperation with NATO.
The political context of these events is itself particularly heavy and adds to the complexity of the Russian situation. Indeed, the period is marked by celebration related to the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of NATO in WASHINGTON by the refusal of the Congress of the United States to ratify the CTBT, and by the conduct of a difficult campaign for the elections of December, without forgetting the threat of impeachment that weighs on b. Yeltsin a year ahead of the upcoming presidential election.
For the first time, the role of the media in the KOSOVO crisis puts into perspective the manifestations of public opinion expressed in unison policies. The consensus was succeeded by a series of debates on the attitude to adopt, fueling one-upmanship: violent demonstrations are organized exalting the duty of Slavic solidarity at the same time were radicalised anti-Western speech. Voices are demanding military support to the power of MILOSEVIC, nationalist and Communist opposition advocates the enlistment of volunteers, or even closure of gas pipelines to Europe.
Note finally anti-Western bellicose rhetoric is not however able to hide divergent positions of the political class. A. ARBATOV, Member of the Liberal Center-right IABLOKO, Vice-Chairman of the Committee of defense in the Duma written even fraction as this stirring patriotic pseudo "pushes military to unreasonable adventurism."
Fairly quickly change of tone is necessary. Anti-Western hysteria not constituting a serious option for the future, according to the formula of V. LOUKINE Russia knows that she has the politico-military means, nor the interests of maintaining this strength of tone, taking account of the extreme dependence of the economy under perfusion of the IMF.

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