NATO enlargement

NATO enlargement can be read in several ways: projection of influence in EUROPE, access to markets without land ownership, stronger OSCE defence tool, subtle unequal with United States condominium Russian involvement or even medium to distort the Alliance by a political "all-out" linked to conversion to the "out of area (= out of area). Such languages of Aesop, NATO could become the best and worst things.
But it is clear that no European security architecture is conceivable without Russia. Whatever the methods or solutions will emerge from the evolution of international relations on this issue, it is necessary to be sustainable, as they establish a real possibility of expression for a Russia which will become politically and economically stable, won the reality of a cooperation of back thoughts and hence, more confident.
The after the KOSOVO crisis enable to draw the lessons? The period which begins may allow a new start as suggest both intentions translated into the new foreign policy concept and the positions expressed by the allies in recent debates on the future of NATO. This refusal to do so, the Russian reality is already registered in the founder Act, it is hoped that in the interests of all stakeholders, it tomorrow can open up new horizons.
But the news last week provides a different lighting which seems to invite to temper optimism, recalling what weight can weigh policy reversals. Indeed, one month after the decision-making functions of g. w. BUSH, a cold wind begins to blow on the relations between Russia and the United States. On bottom of opposition to the u.s. National Defence Missile project, the gap still dug in favour of the recent Russian arms sales to China, the India and to
IRAN and defence with North Korea and LYBIE medium to promote the recovery of the economy, but probably also continue business relations projects to be taken seriously.
Complicated by the recent case of espionage for the and deportations of diplomats who followed him, the Russia-US relationship is again enamelled of invective worthy of the cold war. If it is still too early to prejudge the future as a result of what the BUSH foreign policy is still only at the stage of development, should nevertheless be attentive to the evolution of this cold wind power share and other trends "pure and hard." If American BUSH administration hawks betting on the fact that Russia can afford a new cold war, Russia likely by reactivating the gorbatchévienne "Common home" idea, pushing their pawns in the direction of the Europeans, in a time where Americans themselves hostile to the European policy for security and defence.
The relationship with NATO will be inevitably affected and EUROPE might again be tensions arising from what some call already by derision "cold war II".

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