The return of the superior race theories

An essay on the return of the superior race theories Or demonstration that ban stuff by the authority rather than reason them will be back one day or the other Today, some academics seek to review the benefits of eugenics and the theories of superiority of the race. Some do so in good faith, in a scientific approach but some other resume of old theories and denounce a distortion of reality by putting on the carpet that the unacceptability of these theories because the Shoah makes no sense since the nazis were not massacred Jews because race less but rather because they viewed Jews as direct competitors of the Aryans. Development of theories of proponents of racial superiority and commentary of the current scientific knowledge in their work on intelligence via the i.q. test I talk to a very delicate subject, that of eugenics, but also of racial superiority. According to our membership community, racial, religious, ideological,..., we have in General a fairly decided view on the subject and any discussion is taboo. However, I propose a little think and compare what is happening at this time. Why? Simply because they are subjects that without the daily in are not used to determine how the world will need to go but also to demystify the fact that scientific theories are not understandable by the majority. This is also a demonstration that anyone wishing to check the seriousness of these theories in itself cannot possibly be 100% or have access to all the information but may nevertheless have its own opinions in a way everything to do serious demonstrable. Article "Mainstrain Science on Intelligence" by L.S. Gottfredson in 1994, the call to the rehabilitation of eugenics by r. Lynn in 2002 and the publication by the French press of the study by R. Lynn on the European IQ in 2006. (see the sources at the end of document for access to the articles cited). A major site is currently developing in French on this topic: IQ and human intelligence . It must first split these articles accompanied by many books, usually from the USA or Britain into two groups: die-hard scientists that militate against the existence of taboos in science and scientists who are ideologically oriented and work not to seek the truth but to validate theories at all costs, in one sense or another. We will talk here about the content of these ideologies which distils a little more each day and or who are "compelling" to the traditional ideological groups. However, should be something to those who fight these theories without thinking, admittedly, that practices of these ideas warnings would humanly be a disaster and are therefore handle with caution. You tell me that this has little significance because only a dozen authors to deal with. However, during calls to signature, are dozens of academics who agree to put their credibility at risk by signing for their cause. In the last Bushadministration, these persons were highly respected, therefore the influence they can have beyond their number and their original position. Behind each University signatory lies at least a dozen are in agreement but dare not face the public draws. However, this article has already been a lot of reactions as you will see in the comments at the bottom of section but also a knol new construction: response to Hughes Crépin Here, I will synthesize the suprematist ideas: Intelligence is universal and Computable absolutely Different intelligence tests are sufficiently varied to test even illiterate or rare crops There are correct assessments of the average IQ by nation The rule of the Gauss curve is absolute in the graphical representation of the intelligence of a population There is no intention to disadvantage certain population by manipulating the type of test We have sufficient knowledge of the brain that to validate the current statistical research on intelligence Any ethnic group is represented at each level of intelligence but the graph of the community group may strongly vary The QI both individual than that of nations is main engine of prosperity High IQ is automatically an advantage in life and synonym of success but the position determines its degree of usefulness IQ is inherited to 55% of parents and IQ in 40% of the brain volume depends on IQ is fixed at birth is changing in ways limited only through the Flynn effect (influence of the environment on development) IQ is generally set at birth but may partially grow during childhood but will become almost completely unchangeable once adult (about 16-18 years) The IQ of women is slightly lower than that of men because of the stroke volume Askhénazes Jews and Asians of the Sino-Japanese area represent the best results, the Caucasian are average followed by the population of close and Middle East with sub-Saharan Africa to close walking Applied genetics could eliminate deficits of some and thus reduce differences Eugenics should be applied to low performing intellectually populations and/or populations morally dubious The character is transmitted mostly genetic manner as intelligence Immigration must be totally controlled to leave do elite populations strain and not weaken the blood and the nation by people not creating a nation of home improvement There are differences in intellectual performance issues related to the ethnic group of people, even within the same country Use these studies to have a coherent and effective social policy It must offer sterilization to people genetically amoindrissantes for the Group and encourage the elites to reproduce. The story is finished (theory of Hegel by Francis Fukuyama) This is certainly lapidary and is contained in a 20 books as "Eugenics: A reassessment", ""IQ and the Wealth of Nations", "The Bell curve" or" "Race, intelligence, and the brain: the errors and omissions of the edition of" S. j. Gould "mismeasure of The Man",... ". I will now take point by point and discuss the content What is the intelligence is universal and Computable absolutely? Already, there are a dozen at least definitions of intelligence and a person as Howard Gardner discerned not less than 9 types of intelligence, more generally this has been simplified in 5 types: intelligence and logic, social, musical, manual and cultural . However, we still can't correlate intelligence and creativity, therefore this does not link the intelligence capacity of evolution, invention or development. On the contrary, the majority of cultures equate intelligence behavior and acts in harmony from its culture of residence or community which becomes highly contradictory to link intelligence and progress since socially intelligence is often valued in a traditional form. Are different intelligence tests sufficiently varied to test even illiterate or rare crops? Since Alfred Binet and his famous tests of intelligence, much progress had been made, it expands increasing the variety of what is tested, but time and money limit again and again the accuracy. Indeed, a test is valid only if it is reproducible on a large enough scale to produce results that allow the comparison. Currently, a test lasts between 2 and 4 hours, the majority of people have no means or time to devote. There are extensive testing on two days or more but the lack of volunteers does not allow their broad consideration. However, it should be noted here a problem recurring to the hardening of the tests as time. It considers that at present, the population earns 3 IQ points every 10 years which implies the result of QI as a statistical measure, must be correct in order to maintain its average value to a population to 100. IQ is indeed not a quantity value but a translation of a percentile, so a statistical measure. So people that evolve with their time have not to worry but those rigid decrease accordingly. However, it said that these tests are objective because they test that behavior appropriate and ask aculturelle way. Indeed, the intention is but generally, this battery test is based on a Western view of intelligence, so it is likely that Westerners there are favored as their curriculum is the counterpart of these tests. However, an element rarely known and too rarely accepted is that IQ tests are very affected by the trauma and stress. Thus studies of gifted children living in not rewarding environments for the intelligence they showed IQ falls as growth that can go up to a loss of 30-40% of their faculties detected when the first tests, children living in favourable or neutral media recording not significant changes in their faculties over time. The populations of the nations civil insecurity, war, famine and dictatorships have IQ results are not necessarily revealing of their real potential. Take a person who is struggling to keep his health and a decent dress because of its environment, that eateth not balanced or hungry every day, who easily suffer from disease because of its environment, who lives in perpetual fear of violence and who sleeps poorly at night for reasons of fears, nightmares, risk of safety or of various tintammares. put it in an IQ test, the result is likely to be a disaster. Move the person to a decent environment where it can exercise a decent professional activity or training and where its food and sleep rate become regular, let thus a year it and repeat it spend an IQ test, I did say even not to predict what may be the increase of QI. Experience yourself, sleep 4 to 8 hours per night by leaving your unlocked front door and with the sono set to occur randomly, do 1 or 2 meals a day consisting of a bowl of rice, only water to drink and a few fruits and do you wash more or change clothes. Ask an outsider to discuss with you various subjects at the end of this week and then pass a test of IQ, the result will surprise you. This is not specifically the Flynn effect but a person with concentration disorders, severe stress and a lack of confidence he is necessarily much less well scorer test of QI that he could not do in "normal" situation. Even history of Europe shows that the majority of the intellectual evolution is very recent , overall, we lack back to fully appreciate all of this: There correct assessments of the average IQ by nation? We come here on the scientific part of these theories rely on studies, test results... Richard Lynn for example presents a synthesis of the IQ by nation based on the correlation of IQtests instead…. It's obviously huge but it should be recalled that this is statistical and in any statistical study, must be representative samples. However, Lynn has not tested 900,000 people, he resumed the results correlated to his colleagues, there is therefore no idea of target audience, condition of running tests,... Lynn provides a table with the average IQ of the majority of the nations of the world. Only this, there is insufficient data for a quarantine of nations and 40 others were calculated by a simple average of the results of their neighbours. It is probably acceptable, but those who have made scientific studies know that the coefficient of error of this method is fairly colossal. However, this table is very interesting and you will see by close as according to his point of view, you can read what you want read, mathematics are often not of exact sciences on the one hand especially when data from databases are also unstable but, above all, between the figure and what you want him to say and the elements considered valid and those that are rejectedthe findings may strongly disagree. We here deeply troubling elements that Lynn is absolutely not, tail countries are all countries in war, civil war, and having been permanently traumatized by raids, colonization and are also often fierce dictatorships. However, 3 elements are amazing on these figures for sub-Saharan Africa, average IQS from 85 are minor mental disabilities and 70 medium-sized deficiencies if fail to exceed the level of an average child of 12 years. This would assume that 75% of the population of Africa black would be unable to read, write and calculate correctly at the more than estimate and decrypt. It would be unable to use motor vehicles, machine tools even sewing machines, unable to construct buildings, to organize a social life and manage resources, unable even to grow without instructions permanent and unable to use firearms. Even if the African situation is worrying, we realize still easily that there is a caricaturisation of the situation. A recent Dr. Cherif Salif article shows also that without China's vitality, Africa progress nevertheless with growth rates largely superiors to Europe and the USA and a decrease in general conflict: is public development aid effective? In addition, Lynn argues that IQ is stimulated by the latitude to the North if sufficient critical mass achieved social group. But not really that the African map confirms, the European card completely invalid it and the situation of the Mongolia and the Russia shows discontinuities which are far more important than the only example China/Japan/Korea. We have here a serious breach to rigour scientific, data breakdown is such that a scientist then the moral obligation to verify the validity of the data on the one hand but also if there is no external phenomena that affect the results (just as astronomers who déctectent celestial objects invisible by gravitational disorder they provoke). There are however several versions of these maps which shows that the analysis is far from over: 1 , 2 , 3 . Is the rule of the Gauss curve the absolute in the graphical representation of the intelligence of a population? The Gauss curve, like the sequence of Fibonacci are theoretical representations and cleaned of reality, the deviance between the curve and the reality may strongly differ. There is here a contradiction, it sterilizes performing subjects and that it boosts performance issues, could not at the same time said that the curve Gaussian (Bell curve) is an absolute model, is to cut the tail and to lengthen the neck therefore distort the model but also social relations. Statistics are a potential science to represent, projecting and analyzing situations but they are really accurate science. They join indeed that intelligence tests, are both measures of potential but even a genius can very well do nothing to his life, or a totally unlikely situation occur (what were the statistical odds that two aircraft all in the two towers of the WTC in New York?). However, it should be noted also deviant vision of the Gauss curve, socialism which sees human capabilities as a sort of parable very swooping with very little differences between people. This may be false if the penalty to study the comprehensive nature of all the capabilities of the people but, in current tests, it is obviously a vision truncated and dangerous when applied to education and appointments since beheading the elites and the less talented névrosant by imposing a level that they can obviously not achieve despite their best goodwill which leads to a race to the bottom with the advantage of flatter the human laziness eventually begin the level of an entire nation. However, the Liberal alternative, ironically, produced the same effects as confusionnant intelligence and silver and dismissing the majority of the population possible less expensive training while limiting their level to keep them in their place: a docile and not expensive workforce doubled before consumers. However, this Gaussian curve (Bell Curve) truly is the battle of the suprematist horse. However, it may they be returned. Indeed, this curve is a statistical model and if there is one for each ethnic group, each group, each nation, the first thing is to have a reference point. Thus, the average IQ of reference of humanity must be 100, but if it replicates the famous table, we see very quickly that there is nothing, the point of reference of the study would be wrong, the IQ is not a unit of measurement but a translation of a statistical value. The other point which becomes more bizarre is that these studies, to express a racial superiority, are forced to admit that each group Gaussian curve is of the same form, which is to say that the average IQ is generally between 50 and 150. Black would then, between 35 and 105 and black métis including Lynn condescent to average 85 it is then understood between 42 and 127. Why would this assumption be a duty for the suprematist? Simply because if it were otherwise, it would mean that a given population could certainly have a Bell more flattened but contain nevertheless within all the potential intelligence and then champion cyclical causes. If each group did not have the same Gaussian curve, this would mean that black or Asian populations have a graph distorted to the Caucasian. So if Lynn theories were correct, Asians have much less mental arrears but with much more severe delays in their population and many more gifted, conversely, black could not reach the level of gifted and meaning that only the métis could potentially reach him. Applying mathematically theories of Lynn and others with a simple rule of proportional, given that there is on Earth approximately 1 billion and half black, half a billion are potentially métisés of Caucasian and Asian, only 250,000 of them are gifted which would be very low and could not have the engineering (excess 150 score) and the order of 250 people mixed around the world. However, to mathematically demonstrate the absurdity of racial theories, it would be sufficient to bring together more than 100 blacks in pure strain with an IQ exceeding 130 either 300 métis IQ exceeding 150. Gold curves of layers are governed by integral calculations (Gaussian function) that will further widen gaps and, in practice, if they were applied to the distribution of IQ, would put black people with an IQ between 50 and 108... Lynn will solve this dilemma by applying the Gaussian curve only Caucasians, Hispanics and blacks intermingled (the graphical representation of black pure strain is so extreme that it destroys the charge). However, for Asians, we see soon enough that the curve does indeed not 100% like the others, in reality, the curve of the Asians is that roughly 9.45/10 the length of the other curves, there is is a problem because the base the Asian crourbe is identical to that of Caucasians or almostonly shifted and flattened which would surface in the order of 8-9% variation. In fact, the surface of the curves of Hispanics and blacks is also slightly superior, this chart is therefore distorted because Lynn does not represent the same surfaces according to populations with 10% of surface variation between the first and the last curve. It is hoped that this is an error and evidence that the analysis of a thesis is often more useful than its automatic rejection. Is there no desire to disadvantage certain population by manipulating the type of test? Unfortunately, both the scientific institutes that pollsters are funded for the results and often, it is not requested to find results but especially to validate results brought by the sponsors. It is so well correction in the head of test bodies, often the ideological sensitivity of the tester body is the same as that of its sponsor so there is selection of the public and the type of test. Bonus, any system of testing well based often on trainees or students under paid who arrange the results to match the defined criteria and therefore be paid or avoid to be transferred. Also observed in Lynn, Gould, both Rushton and Gottfresdon that they recover studies of QI made for special needs and highly focused topics. Of course, these specific studies cannot be injected into overall since being purified studies and therefore voluntarily extreme results as to study mental illness, giftedness, or factors of integration of specific topics,... For example, Gould attempting to discredit Lynn studies will use the same biased methods as him. Do we have sufficient knowledge of the brain that to validate the current statistical research on intelligence? Perhaps the most astonishing opinion, that to believe that we are beginning to have efficient medical imaging devices we did the tour of the functioning of the brain. Every day, discoveries are still made and it will take dozens of years despite the technological means and communication existing to understand the scope of what we observe now. Any ethnic group is represented at each level of intelligence and the graph of the community group vary it strongly? It is possible, but it all depends on what it is recognized or not as intelligence. The book of Richard Dawkins "The gene" selfish discusses social Darwinism and ownership to the circumstances. Without addressing the cultural relativism, is sometimes compared what is not to compare. Do not confuse causes and effects. Say that a population is more as than another because its skin or its genes are of lower quality but knowingly ignore that this population has never known peace civil or military or traditions do not value the intelligence is not correct. Indeed, on the one hand, need rigorous IQ tests on samples sufficient (and not not selected-oriented way) but also to the way of life of a population will promote some forms of intelligence to the splitformsize other. Westerners tend to consider that the technical intelligence which is often seen as secondary in populations whose daily survival is not sophisticated techniques. It is also surprising that cultures that value the more cultural suprematism are Western, Japanese, Jewish, and Muslim. All cultures are composed mainly by plundering the best of the culture of others (such as Western culture which is based on the legacy Chinese, Arab, Jewish, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Nubian, Babylonian and Indian). Is the QI both individual than that of nations its principal engine of prosperity? Here it is probably the most twisted element of the demonstration. Indeed, should assume that people like Bill Gates, Bernard Madoff,... are all geniuses. However if indeed their intelligence is apparent, they often only have a higher IQ and have rather strongly developed social intelligence and the art of playing with the system or compile the ideas of others. Same for the nations, the IQ of the Switzerland, the Luxembourg, of Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai,... should explode ceilings, or it is not. Theory said here that the artificial overabundance of resources does not change the IQ, it's artificial situations. For strange, the us stand more than this. While the examples which validate the systems would finally be China and the Japan. But, in the light of history is really logical? Historical cycles such as Spengler describes them and taken over by A.E. van Vogt in his work to anticipate the fauna of the area show that the economic, cultural and intellectual centres have always moved and that almost every place of the world has had its moment of glory. The high IQ is automatically an advantage in life and synonymous with success and position determining the degree of usefulness? You are going to say this in a meeting of gifted as in Mensa and discover than IQ and success is same statistically less good, average or mean person superior has more chance of success than a genius or a gifted. Professional will more a combination of relations, environment of birth, colour of skin, religion/ideology, moral flexibility and capacity of treason/submission of pure intelligence and social organization parasite that social success. Of course, this is also a form of intelligence but I'm still relatively skeptical when its effect on progress but especially the actual productivity of this type of intelligence other than that which promotes the individual at the centre of all this. Is IQ inherited to 55% of parents? I will not get in a long explanation on the genetics, I simply refer to the work of Mendel and Dawkins book "The selfish gene" as well as the work of Charles Darwin. Wholesale, we are composed in part by pure genes from one or the other of our parents or even grandparents (some genes "jump" one or more generations), but also to a random combination of genes from our parents. Genetics is a lottery and get top statistics, as wanting to win Lotto with. Can approach the reality by forecasts but even the most unlikely event can occur, is not a proper scientific rule the number of chance out of 100, never no certainty is possible on a matter which is the combination of at least 46 chromosomes and 20,000 genes, I let you calculate the complexity of possible combinationsespecially considering the Darwinist theory of evolution does not preclude a form of self-promotion at any time depending on the circumstances. Professor R. e. Nisbett was considered the way to increase IQ, but also to validate the influence of environment on the development of intelligence. Not only he discovered that stigmatized populations are catch up their delay but in addition, it shows that the techniques of education, even on adopted children can grow the IQ of significantly with respect to the original level. Of course, everything has unfortunately a limit but, overall, gains observed by Nisbett we tend to bring the average IQ measured values of 100 or more, thus validating the effect Flynn described quietly all its observations in his book "Intelligence and how to get it "". Is IQ 40% of the brain volume? This theory that allows an ethnicization of QI but also devalues women is interesting because based on studies which are the more stringent times. However, the way of thinking of men and women being slightly different, the comparison becomes much more difficult. And if we take out human analysis to remember that man is an evolved animal, we could dare a comparison with two very opposite primates, monkeys thumb and the gorilla. The Gorilla weighs more than 170 kg and his brain in the order of 570 grams The dwarf marmoset monkey reached just 130 grams and a brain of less than 5 grams. I'll just repeat Lavoisier, developed thinking would be sensible to be in the matter of "reserve" of the brain, that which is not reserved for our survival, reflexes,... However, these two animals, the same reign, have social complexities similar and the self-education and way of life if nevertheless closely comparable step. More chimpanzee exceeds 57 kg and a brain of 450 grams then a human of this weight will be 1370 grams of brain. The chimpanzee was able to have an IQ up to 60 still! Therefore, if we witness zoology, IQ and the volume of the brain seems to have well little. Even with the brain/body mass ratio. The marmoset monkey should therefore with intellectual bird or reptile level given its low residual brain volume can be used by the intelligence. The chimpanzee was able to have an IQ of 60 with 3 times less brain weight, if there are still many other levels. Then mentioned me an encephalization quotient that is utilsie to explain that the geniuses and gifted are not especially large but more powerful brain which of course completes the theory of a direct correlation between brain and intelligence weight. For more, even the most brilliant brain still depends on the manner in which it is used and some are much more brilliant since their well average brain while that others are that sterility of their well high claims. I repeat again, IQ is a partial estimate of the potential of an individual he will succeed with determination and effort is yet another story. I would add to this the phenomenon of dwarfism, currently the smallest woman in the world has 14 years (admitted as a woman because its growth is considered to be completed) and am studies everything to normal. It is 58 cm, which is more than two and a half times less than the average of current women. As this is almost a harmonious dwarf, his brain has an almost proportional to the average volume or nearly 9 times less volume and less than 6 times cerebral surface a woman average. However, it follows a normal schooling and not suffering from any intellectual failure, she is living proof that the intellegence does not lie in the amount of brain matter but from much subtler mechanisms. Add also that no study found a degree of higher cretinism among dwarves, often even their State stimulates their intelligence? Therefore humans having a brain smaller than a chimpanzee have a normal intellect. Another annoying point, a study ending January 2011 has determined that since 30,000 years, our brain volume decreased. Our current brain would be quantitatively less than a Cro-Magnon man. However it seems indisputable that all humanity present "normal" is more intelligent than a prehistoric man or even more intelligence than the best of prehistoric man. [2] IQ is generally set at birth but may partially grow during childhood but will become almost completely unchangeable once adult (about 16-18 years)? It is the most interesting part of their theories and they don't realize that ironically it is that puts down everything else. Indeed, " the Flynn effect " determines that the intelligence is favoured by the good conditions of education, feeding and stimulation. Therefore, it is rarely the genetics that will disadvantage certain ethnic groups but rather their lifestyle coupled to their environment. Indeed, if we compare all the freedoms and comfort to countries where: The majority of marriages are arranged or forced and therefore the child all suffered as the spouse, love, and attention to these children will only rarely optimal Countries or the war or insecurity are permanent Countries where to eat in his hunger is already a luxury, don't talk even of food balance Countries where education is almost absent Countries où bien of knowledge are prohibited or do not reach the population Countries with the highest science religion So, clearly, if we take into account the Flynn effect also explains the General progression of the IQ of humanity these past 100 years, the ethnic track of intelligence takes a great blow. We here would still be in a case where cause and effect are mixed. Is the IQ of women slightly lower than that of men because of the stroke volume? As seen in the explanation of the correlation between brain volume and intelligence, a gorilla or a chimpanzee are not cleverer than a dwarf man while he won largely on the ratio or as mass. I would add here the example of gifted children who can already exceed average adults while their brain development is not completed and still much lower volume. Ironically, however, their IQ does not seem to change much with age but remain constant in value as they grow (a QI is absolute for adults but attached to a slice of the age for children to 12 years old, a child has on average an absolute IQ of 60 which would theoretically an IQ of 100 adult). Askhénazes Jews and Asians of the Sino-Japanese area represent the best results, the Caucasian do average followed by the population of close and Middle East with sub-Saharan Africa to close walking? Even if this was correct, the tests that led to these conclusions being subject to bail on several fronts, I return to the theory of the "selfish gene" Dawkins but also to social Darwinism. The IQ is very speaking here and as I said, can be read in several ways: on the one hand, but it is important not to confuse causes and effects. Africa is going wrong, it is difficult to say the contrary but when they are academics white, descendants of the colonizers and slavers who say this and Word that in any event the Blacks are lower, this color a sign outside of a lack of intelligence, should still respond. Take the case of current Africans, mainly sub-Saharan Africa: They have been 1000 years of Muslim slave to the centre of the Congo, this trafficking is a prefiguration of the famous dilemma of the prisoner where three options are possible: collaboration, treason unilateral or bilateral treason. Except that the Africans were actually as the choice to be slave or slave, the possible gain by the union of tribes being illusory threat and its magnitude. This trafficking has destroyed whole fabric social inter-tribus, devastated the infrastructure and impoverished genetic heritage by continuous punctures on the best individuals, killed or deported. They were 300 years of Western industrial slavery and this period has made also almost impossible life organized on the coasts, Africans fleeing possible lands and suffering by is the largest natural African, detailed selector to the next point. Africans are a ruthless natural selection sleep, hepatitis, yellow fever, but disease mainly by malaria. The test of survival is therefore well physical resistance and less intelligence is nothing these scourges which fell from birth. Malaria has however long protected Africa colonization, until the invention of quinine néanmoins… Malaria which was eradicated in Europe only in the 20th century, evidence if this is that this is not a clear problem especially in a vast continent. Africans have been colonized by Europeans, military elites massacred or deported, the political elites corrupt or deported and imprisoned or executed intellectual elites. Then, at the time of decolonization, the brightest elements suffered heavy losses, the survivors generally falling under the blows of conspiracies and political killings in the current period of néo-colonisation or influence economic form. Following all these elements, African societies are generally delivered to the total civil insecurity, or even war or civil wars ongoing, powered for the old bitterness or by external funding who sow disorder to plunder the riches quietly while ensuring the protection of the warring factions by paying the lifestyle of their leaders and arms. Hell How do you want that intelligence is valued in an environment which seeks essentially to physical resistance? Natural selection will obviously promote the most robust subjects and they appropriated either willingly or forces women, intellectuals will therefore not have a tremendous impact in reproduction, this is exactly the situation of the middle ages in Europe with its feudal lords that is determined by pushing to range from breaking of the infidel in the Holy land to cut the shins to the Muslim invasions while stripping our own bottom of the ceilingallowing the emergence of modern nations. However, the day where Africa will benefit from the Flynn effect, they return "soon" but it should surely be at least 5 generations and it is not guaranteed that like Asian civilization, they develop then crops the foundations will be so different that comparison would have little meaning. This African renaissance would indeed be an opportunity because if it is in respect for their identity, they could give us new skills that currently lack us to continue to move forward. For AshkenaziJews, the reverse is true, they have been limited for almost two millennia to do that exercise of professions of skilled artisans, musicians, economists and bankers even management. These are almost exclusively intellectual activities, natural selection and influence therefore necessarily helped the intelligence. Even if they are would be going well to such a fate, of course. In China and the Japan, are of great ancient civilizations but to speak of China is complicated, because they are a myriad of different ethnic groups and it is very likely that tests were essentially carried on with urban Han. For the Japanese, it is feared that their social culture should avoid those who is to feel not worthy to be tested. Japanese civilization having inherited his intellectualism of China, it is surprising to see such a difference in score and if it is known that the Americas are populated from the same strains as in China, Mongolia, Korea and Indonesia, it faces a problem in theories of Lynn. Indeed, the same populations and yet the realization of their potential is completely different. Unless one considers, as for Africa that European influence has so destroyed the social fabric that the situation becomes logical. However, to return to Africa, Nubiennes civilization which influenced to Egypt, Dakar and Zimbabwe, to cite only these examples, were notable for their time. The Kingdom of Madagascar which is an example very different because mixed was for example invaded because the Malagasy too well integrated European techniques and became a danger.The Kingdom of Ethiopia fell under the European armies in the 20th century, after 1200 years of resistance against the invaders. Could applied genetics eliminate deficits of some and thus reduce the differences? American and Russian have tried for more than 40 years to create a gifted, it is difficult to say what progress will be possible. However, ethically, Act on the intelligence of someone, change its nature. As in principle it would be possible that in utero or in early ages, it is a question. In addition, if it is possible to genetically improve the intellect, will then be the reverse, and thus reducing intellectual slavery part of humanity without the possibility of revolt this time, to meditate. Should eugenics be applied to low performing intellectually populations and/or populations morally dubious? This is an infringement of human rights but yet, can we allow the human tares for rights reasons? In addition to the moral aspect, will ask another problem, which will determine the criteria and which will decree that was right or not to breed? Darwin and Mendel learn us also that genetics do not share always the highest to evolve and if we appauvrissons the human variety, who knows if we do not sacrifice without knowing the future of the human species as survival is not based on intelligence but often far more complex factors. In addition, this kind of censorship Committee could well be exploited and even today, many psy prefer intern gifted rather than help them live in society. Because this is another aspect of the problem which is totally ignored by proponents of racial supremacy, the elite subjects are usually very difficult to live and often classified as deviant, they could therefore destroy what they advocate, without accepting the social consequences which would almost be blow zero or create a form of de facto socialism by creating a society composed mostly of average people. Are the character and the character transmitted genetically? On this plan, the taboo on the subject is really damaging because Untangling innate and acquired is complicated since the majority of children live with those who they come from. However studies on orphaned or single parent families show signs of quite astonishing transmissions which would make sense if one considers the brain as a chemical plant, a part of the character and therefore part of morality would in part hereditary but same as QI, inherited part and part combined since the brain and its chemical transmitters would be built on similar plans. However the plasticity of the character and the character is much greater than for the IQ and it is not uncommon to see people totally change in their lives. This is related to the fact that the character is strongly influenced by environment, mainly social relations, social position and power. Should immigration be controlled completely to leave do elite populations strain and not weaken the blood and the nation by people not creating a nation of home improvement? This assumption is perfectly understandable but denotes a surprising ethnic egoism and a form of blindness. On the one hand, could people blame his poor level but another take them their elites? It is a little Machiavellian I think especially since most of the time, it will strive to operate these elites without allowing them to develop and staining of curb their level for the benefit of indigenous peoples. Therefore, this concept would allow in the facts that a strengthening of the inequalities. Are there differences in intellectual performance issues related to the ethnic group of people, even within the same country? Idem for the case of IQ by country, many people accused of being a bad level is stigmatized, harassed and persecuted. Its level cannot therefore that decline. From the moment where she enjoys the Flynn effect, the balance is restored quickly (at the level of history). You should use these studies to have a coherent and effective social policy? Yes and no, yes it would be good to have a rational and effective social policy. No not if it is to use biased and directed studies. Education is vital here and especially to limit the influences of ideologies that lead both to the left and right or for religions to decrease the level of the people to facilitate the power of the apparatchiks of the system. Should we offer sterilization to people genetically amoindrissantes for the Group and encourage the elites to reproduce? On what criteria, who will decide? However, this is an interesting analysis that found that more is easy and intelligent, less it reproduces, Maslow pyramid shows that more it is low, more is in the survival and therefore more on a child, which is set out by Malthus. However, can here to question the feasibility but the experience of communism and its bureaucratic excesses and corruption shows that man is not currently sufficient morality that to implement this. Then, as for forced sterilization, how do we know if we do not process of sacrificing the genes that lead to an evolutionary jump either will allow humanity to survive in a future crisis? We all agree to say that it should maintain the biodiversity because it is impossible to determine what is useful or useless, I am afraid that for the human gene pool, it is the same thing. Some weeds and some friendly animals are essential to the functioning of the planet, it is our genes. Is the story finished (theory of Hegel by Francis Fukuyama)? Hegel believed that history, not its facts but in its qualitative evolution would be limited and some have him lent thought that the story ended with Napoleon redistributing the benefits of the French Revolution , and now the social progress and the thoughts were completed, it was led, remained to the broadcast to the whole of humanity. According to him, the possibility of social progress was limited and as all of society revolves around this social and service, technological progress and historical events following the advent of democracy more deserve the same attention or lose any substance since the core is now done. Fukuyama has recently published a confession of mistakes because he was one of the more virulent advocate of this theory only adding that liberalism would complete the work of the French Revolution by offering at each equal opportunities and absolute freedom. This is obviously enormous, it is a legacy of the ancient Greeks and their egocentrism boundless, they already thought have reached the pinnacle of humanity. The concept of democracy liberal as absolute as advocated by Fukuyama with néo-conservateur sauce demonstrated his recent years its totalitarian skids... It is quite clear that the history of humankind ends with the last man and the challenges of this century as multiculturalism shows us that many things are yet to invent and find. Findings: I congratulate and thank the readers who have arrived so far, I am afraid of being very long and sometimes boring and pedantic. Nevertheless, I hope you have interested, learned some details but especially pushed confidence in yourself and to show you that the revolution of this century, it is the availability of information and therefore offer you the ability to check things that are meaningless. I will simply return to two fundamentals: Between causes and effects, the difference is not always easy and need extreme caution because an error of assessment can of course be fatal, the use of statistics is on this very sensitive issue and many should be able to make decisions, so it must be remembered that the reality when it theorizes the becomes a kind of caricaturea reflection of reality and not an exact reproduction. The second is about the academic sureties. A theory to be accepted is supposed to be validated by a sufficient number of academics. However, many studies are vitiated by errors and combine them increases the error, it is the cumulative error. It is also possible that the abuse of statistics allow academics to declare a little what pleases without risk of mistaken as to hide behind an error of interpretation figures or to claim that the situation is a reflection of a situation unlikely therefore unpredictable by them. Few people are objective and no University is, each scholar is required to publish results compatible with the University that houses it but also from the ideology and goals of the sponsor (s) which the funds (including the Government). This often leads to a distortion of the findings and studies. Added to errors, this brings so good faith people mistaking heavily because in scientific methodology, it is required to refer to other studies and it is fashionable than experience values of are not too different from those of similar experiences and same type previously published, there is danger of contamination especially in the pioneer areas. Similarly, agglomerating data without or without taking account of all the parameters of the tests or experimenting can greatly alter the vision of the studied subject. This also shows one thing, scientists work too often in a cloisonée manner, if they were watching the work in zoology, history, pure mathematics... Much trouble would be avoided, eugenics of thinking makes it rarely just and appropriate. There is also a great temptation to these excesses where it confuses blithely causes and effects, it is shortening all and declare that as all high IQ leads to success and/or wealth, people with success or wealth are therefore automatically very smart. This temptation us is also inherited from the ancient Greeks, with the xenophobia and their attitude very male-dominated, it bears the name of sophistry. On this, I wish you an excellent life and possible the most optimal realization of your own capabilities. Sources: http://www.test-de-qi.EU/test-de-qi.html ttp:// A few maps IQ according to the nations (you will see that already they can be very different) "The selfish gene" Richard Dawkins "The hidden dimension" Edward t. 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