The military strategy outlined in the white paper

An updated and reaffirmed to strengthen the freedom of action of the France military strategy.

Military strategy described in the white paper is essential to strengthen

the freedom of action of the France.

It is part of an overall strategy of defence and national security

beyond the framework of the only defence policy and involving

closely to other public policies: Homeland Security and emergency management

principal conductor, but also diplomatic and economic policy.

• Five strategic functions

Military strategywill be implemented is an essential component of

This comprehensive strategy articulated around five broad strategic functions: the

knowledge and anticipation, prevention, deterrence, protection and


• Two major features

The France military means should avoid dispersion to be able to act

how picked up and focus on places where its interests can be implemented

issue. The France response capacities must therefore enter into a

logic of concentrationon geographical priorities.

The uncertainty in the international environment shows that the commitment of the France

in a war between States should still be considered. The definition of

sizing the France intervention capacities must therefore take into

account for 15 years to come, the hypothesis of a heavy commitment.

• A strategic priority

The strategic focus of the France marries risk contours more

high Atlantic sea Oman and the Indian Ocean, in which

Asia presence extensions are possible.

• Determinants


Without exception, all our military operations will take place in a framework

multinational. Interoperability with allies remain the first condition of

collective operation.


Predictable operations will be expected to last and over time, to evolve

deeply. These two factors, changing over time, diversity in the moment

require for a versatile and responsive, response capacity

able to conduct the full range of operations.

Force protection

Future operations will be less dangerous than before, on the contrary.

The losses incurred by a quota on a theatre deep influence

on the perception that the nation of the operation, protect forces will be

only a human imperative but also a strategic and tactical necessity.


Operations occur more and more in contact with the population, which is

both the environment and the issue. Operate within the population, is a culture

extended military and material adapted; armies will therefore develop their ability to

and their expertise in this area.

Men and moral forces

Formation of the warfighter, its level of training, the legitimacy of its action, the

clarity of the objectives assigned to it, will more than ever the success condition

on the ground. The human factor will therefore retain a major It will be

of the moral force units facing combat.


Even for armies developed all the qualifications above, the number

will remain an important determinant of most operations that take place on

Sea, on land or in the air.

• Operational superiority.

The France retain control technology to guarantee superiority

task facing the plausible opponents.

The axes of effort will focus on:

-the means of information, communication, space;

-the protection of forces, facing the CBRN threat and the "news".


-the ability to remotely; precision strike

-the ability to act in urban areas and in contact with the population;

-the naval superiority in the littoral;

-the air superiority

-the mobility.

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