The intellectual evolution of our society

Or the inexorable progression of unemployment through the ages, or the impasse of capitalist growth due to productivity Development of intellectual potential of human progress, increases and dope progress in return. Our potential doping is called the Flynn effect but is not infinite, it now seems to show its limitations on the one hand but progress also exceeds its acceleration capabilities. More and more people reach their intellectual limitations and they become lower than the level required by the majority of jobs. It is therefore created structural unemployment caused by the optimization of the performance of work asking less bright but also demanding forces workers to more developed intellect. This unemployment will therefore not go only by increasing risk worsening during the distribution next to the first androids which will directly target the less skilled jobs. To create therefore a social crisis because of a more and more important and intractable unemployment but also a financial crisis by a staggering decrease in purchasing power and thus sales companies. Speculation will therefore collapse or reorienting to different values, outgoing money therefore massively from the hands of the people he will more survive which will remain and could then happen an industrial revolution in reverse with an individualization of production and therefore the creation of a new system of incompatible Exchange from the formeronly the areas of communications and energy remaining large vital industries to all and all. There is a third possibility would be to transform a growing amount of the population in daily or acting on the Japanese model or even on the model of "Court of Miracles". But, in any case, we would get a company to two or even three speeds. The dogma of equality of birth Today, it is common in the majority of civilization that men and women are born equal in rights and duties. However, this noble precept is warped by claiming that we are all equal birth on all plans. Nothing is further from the truth already on fortune and family and much obviously physically even if all tastes are in nature and where is of course totally subjective. However, it is curious to see a blind spot on the physical abilities of persons. Indeed, that espoused equality is discredited by the reality, we all have a different body with his own skills, but also a physical achievement potential. Thus athletes are there generally born with a more suitable body to their discipline than others and will they train heavily as to benefit to the maximum of their potential. Why would the brain be different? So it is spicy note that proponents of intellectual equality of birth are generally atheists or agnostics and therefore do not believe in the soul. The brain without being a muscle is a physical dimension with a weight, volume, a percentage of grey matter and white matter, a variable encephalization, and interconnections neuronal between the very diverse brain-derived and operation based on a mixture of electrochemistry and various hormones. Back on a possible inheritance of intelligence, we can therefore say that like the rest of our body, we are born with a given material, but also a more or less limited extensibility potential. Dogma to say that everyone has an intellectual equality of birth does not course at the school results and would therefore mean that children miss school strictly by ill will. Intelligence is changing with age "We observe indeed that intelligence appears to rise as history and described what is called the Flynn effect:" so-called Flynn effect the increase in slow - and that it has some inexorable raw time - average yield type i.q. tests observed 100 years in industrialized countries. » Here are the elements of the Flynn[1] effect : Richer and more varied diet which allows a physical improvement of the result of growth Growing intellectual stimulation because, even everyday tasks, require more thinking and knowledge [2] Most important and early parental attention but also development of pedagogy Public safety and hygiene improves life expectancy and decreased the time spent to care for themselves or protect themselves Exposure to new technologies causing intellectual stimulation almost permanent and a faster and more complete response to most of our questions Therefore, modernity has increased life expectancy, our size and our health but would also allow us to better develop our intellectual potential, intellectual potential which is also faster forward modernity where the explosion of faster discoveries. This also explains that wealthy families easier to exploit the intellectual potential of their children as a poor family. Will be - this endless? Not because on the one hand, we have physical limits on our intellectual capabilities but also because the mechanisms of evolution that are certainly always at work don't accept large changes over periods as brief. The most recent studies highlight also that some of our capabilities seem to decrease for the benefit of others, a balance is therefore probably not very far away. However, never forget that the Flynn effect is a continuing effect, people who live in it continue to be trained a part of their life or even their entire lives for some otherwise the gap of generations would have been much higher observed. However the current acceleration that exceeds the capabilities of the Flynn effect is yet very worrying both for the older generations that will be more difficult but also for young people who will have a percentage of maladjusted more in higher. The risk is also that progress has led such a zone of comfort that younger generations would no longer have sufficient vitalist stimulation to continue to move forward. It is also fascinating to compare the physical state and mental health the past two generations of pensioners against the previous, their wealth of experience associated with their great mastery of the current tools questions when inversion of the Flynn effect by new generations, especially native. But a scientific faction would however booster this progression through a eugenics based on genetic analyses (see article: " an essay on the return of the theories of the superior race": or ). On the other hand, this growth benefits greatly from the now rapid crossing of natural resources, the places of production but also of an availability of world inventiveness. Where it was sometimes a century or two to transmit mode for the preparation of the paper from one continent to another, the time of transmission for the majority of inventions is now more slowed by lawyers by distances. Considering that the Flynn effect levelled off or is declining since the end of the 1990s, but it is also noted that the massive immigration of people in who have not received is one of the important causes. However, their integration into our societies show that they take the same path sometimes even more accelerated. (Graph uncorrected showing the evolution of the QI throughout history, table at the end of article) Progress and its social consequences This appears to be a debate modern and contemporary, yet both the ancient Greeks and Romans had already widely debated. In fact, it is clear that they already had the ability to create complex mechanical machines and we have at least a major ancient trace of the reason for their refusal to use: « This is what expresses the answer that, around 300 years of our era the Emperor Roman Diocletian, an inventor which presented him the plans of a new machine, probably a lifting device: " If I build this machine, I priverai my work men. " So how nourrirais them I? ".” Because both the Greeks than the Romans fear two things: the idleness of the people brings disorders and risk of questioning of the system but also political hunger riots. Some believe even have found steam engine prototype, rejected for the same reason: the social risks. Of course, their vision was very widely alarmist because they could not understand the magnitude of the needs that it would but we imagine not well nor today, the limits of this continuation of progress and especially financial growth required by the liberalist system (that capitalism can integrate it into its limits however). (illustration, éolypile of Heron of Alexandria, 1st century a.d.)[3] By this, the intelligence in ancient times and middle ages remains blocked while they already had the basis necessary to trigger the first industrial revolution and I would propose the following diagram to explain his modern explosion (in addition to the table at the end of article): The invention of writing and the creation of the first towns and cities 85 to 95% of the population is peasant with little communication and education, limited in its tasks, needs and means, the tracing of lines of communication which uting campaigns and makes the fruit of their labours, the creation of cities releases a few people of the physical necessities of life Gutenberg invents the printing press and we receive the Chinese paper which can now make more book, knowledge support and cup of censorship by the Church only depositary of its cohorts of monks copyists. This system which will be time to revolutionize knowledge starts in fact strangely, the first book to be printed is... the Bible. Evidence if this needed religious pressure to all the inventors. [4] The century of the lights change mentalities and creates especially this famous encyclopedia which broadcast deal for the first time in all points of Europe the opportunity to have access to the sum of the knowledge of the time The invention of the light bulb is a revolution as candles killing intellectuals view and did not allow a good reading, especially in small characters, it now allows a study without being dependent on the light of the day, flexible, of good quality and limiting the risk of fire. Machines steam, followed by explosion engines decreased the duration of transport but also increase the length of the paths (or line systems allow hard to over 40 to 100 Km a day), now also the universities explode because to collect people from afar The phone allows to instantly exchange ideas without moving then send on-line documents The conquest of space offers us a view from every corner of our planet but particularly the views of all, revolutionizing the way of thinking The Internet finally brings together communities and to Exchange media everywhere around the world, consult our knowledge who do more now on paper (an encyclopedia is now about 20 volumes size dictionary, without more no technical specific or plans). It also allows the creation of virtual communities that Act on the model of the brainstorming. Technological developments and their consequences The first evolution of the philosophers, mathematicians and astronomers, they will be the basis of all our society today but will last for almost 3,000 years. Then, after the fall of antiquity, intellectual resistance against the religious dogmatism and feudal lords will to organize around the major sites of the time, the cathedrals, is the birth of theFranc-masonry and the beginning of the era of architects, will be supported by the first bourgeois and will lead to the rebirth. The agrarian revolution will not have much impact, the rationalization and centralization of agricultural crops will especially to fight against the bad years, in terms of employment, its impact will be very low but, already, the more obtuse peasants will be put on the side, and techniques are beginning to be imposed. Overall, this will be in the after middle ages the generalization of the cart [5](the majority of farmers use yet only the spade), collective granaries, improvement of conservation by salting and drying techniques,... In fact, what allow to transport food to the cities and to retain, is the era of the bailiffs and farmers General with their acolytes, Customs (gabelous). The first industrial revolution would have positive impacts in terms of employment as exploding productions but also by offering new products, it goes to start the urban exodus by the need for new workforce, including unskilled. The second industrial revolution will be different to the extent many jobs require little training but also because the tasks will be very mechanical and repetitive and therefore very low value intellectual and professional, however, a lot of people become excluded from these jobs. However, intellectuals began to become wanted both for the posts of Heads of team and section designer or production manager, it's the era of engineers begins. However, the development of all the techniques of production leads to a finding, model requires extensive specialization and is highly flexible but so high yield no one knows to work everyone permanently, working time will therefore now be reduced because it is irrational to dismiss people in phase from the system andIronically, this model being wholly a technical translation of Communist ideology will help the rise of trade unionism. Wars will to succeed and intellectualism growing compulsory conscription but also create links and contacts between a lot of people who could never have cross elsewhere which combined with the nazi abuse of industrialization will create a crisis of conscience without precedent, awareness that the machine can become the end of humanity. However, the intellectual capacity of the workers begins to exceed the capabilities required for their job, then creates a suction of progression and the influx of foreign labour less careful and not yet contaminated by time. Will take place then a strange crisis with a problem of delivery of material first but also the first relocations to third world because the evolution of our society now requires find intellectually high talent, the 1960s and ' 70 are symptomatic of nearly full employment despite the massive influx of women into the world of official work. Who remembers steps from these images of archives with these cohorts of workers inbound and outbound plants, these phalanges of Secretaries typing machine and these masses of employees out of the companies and departments. The first oil shock will put a breakpoint to all this as well as the idea of irrepressible and infinite growth, these years, Europe and the USA are discovering that raw materials are not infinite but that more time of the colonies is finished and that it controls over the flow, it is the crisis! Robotization of industry begins at these times there and progressive computerization that will lead in the years ' 80-' 90 to divide the personnel requirements by 10 or more, but also to require employees to many more high level of competence and more awake intelligence. These are the years where a police officer must only have his certificate of primary studies but now a certificate of secondary ability. In QI, primary is equivalent to an average of 70 IQ, the secondary, it rises to 85 and everywhere, it can be said that the years ' 80 and ' 90 are those of the rupture, the majority of unskilled jobs are relocated outside Europe and settled now structural unemployment of persons who would like to have a job but as it is almost more exercised on its national territory or even on the continent. Then comes the Internet revolution that it will generate jobs as creating products and new needs, it is almost exclusively beneficiary to people with high intelligence but will create the buckling of a trend born more than two centuries ago, the speculation. Overall, the Internet will allow to optimize production, this is the era of tight flow production and the risk with a record number of crises and crisettes. Only laminate jobs will be those already heavily curtailed by relocations and robotization of production but it is then also the end of a world, Europe is almost required workers, 3 centuries, we're spent a mostly peasant, and then predominantly working-class continent in a world of qualified personnel. An estimate that currently 20% of the people are no longer an intellectual level that to access the majority of jobs and are 2 to 3 times many jobs they can exercise. Is this going to stop? No, in Artificial Intelligence and robotics research continues and House staff (fortunately become rare through payroll taxes), household aid and the trades of prostitution will be the next attacked by androids tireless, non-unionized, repairable and capable of simple and mechanical actions. That day, they are the majority of the base jobs will be threatened, their only protection will remain, some time, the price of the androids that will remain dear to start but as soon as their prices fall, profitability will allow their ruthless replacement. That day, structural unemployment from 5 to 10% today, would increase from 15 to 20% of people who would have more chance to find no use of their level. Simply because the progress now exceeds that allows the Flynn effect or, worse still, that we have reached the limits. Of course this will create skilled jobs and may need to be even bringing the overqualified workforce now overseas which will then create an increase in the problems of development of the foreign countries unable to retain their elites. The problem that tasks are complex and require more and more specialization I discussed the example of the police forces which the basic qualification has been growing as ages but there is another trade where the core competencies even more exploded: agriculture where although labourers may remain relatively little but qualified nevertheless requiring a familiarization with complex tools but the quality and hygiene standards. As in the past, a farmer could be satisfied with an IQ of 50 to 60 to manage his farm, so the current farmer is almost an agronomist and it would be surprising that qualifications in management, legislation, finance, agronomy, livestock, chemistry and computer still allow people below 85 or 90 IQ still manage a farm. It is probably the profession including the jurisdiction most exploded while ironically, it is one of the oldest profession of humanity. Henmon - Nelson IQ scale of occupation estimated that already our company has more work for the people does not reach an IQ of 75 (4% of the eliminated population) and the majority of jobs demand a minimum IQ of 85 (16% in total eliminated), of course still jobs but with a ratio of 1 place for 3 to 4 people.[6] What will be then two major problems which will arise more and more? One, it is a structural unemployment growing, including in emerging markets or this Automation will spread more in more in the as of its low cost, the irony being that they will probably make themselves without the knowledge components to replace them. The cost of car of social unrest to losing their jobs to up to 20% of the population in Europe and more than 50% in developing countries will not happen without breakage. It does not deprive humans their means of survival without violent reactions. Two companies make money by selling products but this will mean not an increase in salary of survivors but dividends increased massively held by some and by... the pension funds... But this will therefore result in a massive decrease in purchasing power and, in a few years. Therefore, the speculative level, the cataclysm will be unprecedented. Of course, it is possible to transfer speculation and wealth on virtual goods, the treasures artistic or historical, of the precious material, real estate... But as this means out the currency of the system of life and production, it would mean a second economic downturn, or volume of Exchange therefore, the risk that people cannot longer stand by the system will revive is in a system of craft individualized with a currency of Exchange different and not compatible, only critical and vital points that will determine the victory of a model or another will be telecoms (with the sector positions) and sectors of energy, only vital elements in our modern life, everything else is profitable locally. There is also a probability based on the Japanese model: the Japan, about a third of the population lives in poverty, unemployed fixed or social position, it is a mass laborious buffer which serves that regulate the excesses or have a workforce for a small price and docile, a little on the model labourers in agriculture. This model would be expressible as well countries than between countries but with the risk of having the intellectual elites who congregate in the same nations and that each nation specializes as well. Blog de géostratégie et de géopolitique en rapport avec les problèmes sécuritaires des nations, le développement économique, l'Actualité, l'Histoire du monde, les conflits en l’Europe, Amérique, Asie, Afrique, et leurs enjeux stratégiques.