Terminator vote or Combined hardware and virtual vote

For a method to f male locking terminator vote Combine hardware and virtual Today, talking about manual voting or electronic voting. The vote also secret rest but if we could combine the two to make voting easier but also allow to verify that its own vote was well paid as it has been expressed? First step: the way postal Today and probably still long, the vote will be under a summons, which also allows to launch the first step of verification. Let's start by creating a list of numbers unique, randomly created but responding to a security algorithm. This list must of course remain confidential and creation algorithm. When printing the convocation, each will be added a paper containing this code but completely randomly. This paper, in two parts, includes the code on each party and a party to return if challenged. For example, one can imagine a system that begins with complete ECTT step envelopes with codes paper, then a mixture of these envelopes and finally the insertion of the nominal electoral convening and sealing envelopes. One may ask, at this stage if introduce a brand name calling is still necessary, could estimate it is duplicative with the identity document to present. Then, his mail. The delicate point here is the filling of the envelopes, should be totally mechanical, if possible without electronic systems, all under supervision of a team of all parties in the race and the commission of international election monitoring of the United Nations. In the case of associations or committees, a simple national commission based on the model of the CNIL should offer this service at a low price. However, this system could be simplify by providing code unique to each voting and more beforehand but should then complicated the voting procedure allowing the "false vote" in the booth. Second step: the receipt of the summons This step is relatively simple and our postal systems are sufficiently reliable to guarantee a sufficient delivery rate. In any event, there will be a second security to persons having lost or did not receive their code to vote. If a person loses his code, it is sufficient for if e-mailed to the commission which will send him a new code but will point the amount of lost codes. That we are in a system where voting is compulsory or by registration, the system remains the same except that in the system of compulsory voting, should be left open the day even an Office that would give any person an opportunity to receive a new code. There will also be a street instance that people feeling threatened or subjected to pressures may apply, anonymously. There, they divulgeront their code and will register in advance a vote containing a statement of cancellation and will receive a new code to use in the actual vote, later, people wishing to verify their vote will have the feeling that the victim well followed instructions. Third step: the vote itself Here, there are several levels: Official vote for leaders instances of a country, a region of a commune,... The risk of capture of the vote do not avoid the polling booth, each occurs instead of his identity card, ideally electronic voting to speed up the processing and identity is verified. Proxies are possible but limited maximum also in order to avoid catches of vote. Once in the booth, the person returns the unique secret code received by post and introduced its vote. Confirmation request then intervenes, the screens of these machines are designed to prevent any photo either by a Polaroid method or saturation of a light wavelength or frequency of vibration of the screen system. Verification of identities is here essential to ensure that each vote only once, in this way, even if the list of codes is discovered, regardless, all voices for sabotage is also a voice who will not properly speak for the chosen nor camp. In addition, given the number of duplicate votes, a geographical overlap will be fairly easy, it would only sabotage of the elections but to have a real impact, this request so many people in the confidence that any investigation may soon discover those responsible. Vote for Councils, associations... In this case, the vote remotely on computer systems left management shared by several associations for the defence of human rights, the National Commission of information and freedom as well as the State statistical services should ensure sufficient security. In this case, the votes remotely would be possible. Fourth step: the publication of the results When the results are published, there will then be a table with all of the codes and the choice by this code in this way, everyone can verify that vote was recorded as it should but also everyone can verify that individual choices mathematical total fits well with the overall results. Fifth step: validation or invalidation of the results According to the case, the vote is validated or not, challenges may be introduced but are in two times, first, it checks if the sum of the challenges enough to change the vote by adding the number of complaints and the sense in which have the go these votes. If the number of complaints does not alter the consequences of the result, a simple PV is developed with decription of the situation and request for investigation to posteriori. If the number of complaints would change the effects of the vote, all of the thinking voter that their vote was incorrectly assigned is requested to send the detachable coupon from their ballot to the electoral commission and voting that they would express. Result, an arrangement is found with the parties to apply the change of the vote and an investigation is opened either should be in a new election. Reviews: It is quite clear that this method is not perfect and that some benefit to others how to vote but this is not so different currently where heinous pressures are exerted on the voters and cynically ignored. It should be noted also that a democracy where a significant portion of voters represent more itself are entitled to vote and to the expression of its own volition would be lost anyway. On the contrary, the permanent risk would perhaps be a salutary wake-up but also would realize the people power of a ballot. This would also introduce these topics into the school system and to make it clear that impose on someone a way to vote is as serious as a blood crime. In this way, we could revitalize the awareness and motivation of the population because offering them a voting system to verify that the system does not cheat. Indeed, the alienation of the political thing is much to distrust sometimes perfectly legitimate of the rigging of the vote, with this way, rigging becomes difficult on the one hand but also each individual can verify the truth or not. This method could also wake up the citizen courage and have beneficial effects on the participation of the population to the public thing. The risk of the anarchists: some anarchists could take advantage to paralyse a country knowingly sabotaging the vote. However, the amount of people needed to this but also that this system complies precisely with individualism makes the unlikely situation. However, the total automation of the vote allows a near-instant recount. Can even combine manual vote and e-mail even if it will be tedious manually copy lists of codes associated with votes as much as no prior list codes is available. The "false vote": Some people are not free to their opinions and are forced to cast their vote by their environment. This is regrettable but cannot be ignored. Currently, the secrecy of the voting booth allows them to do what they like but do not ilusionner, freedom has remained on, also strongly controlled people will vote according to instructions. However, for those who resist and want to recover their freedom, a security mechanism is a need therefore to create a "false vote" that creates an invisible to the public code but will cancel this vote in the count. However, the "false votes" counter must be public so that each well have awareness of social and human progress that this company has yet to make. The anonymity of this approach is essential to its operation while not excluding benefit to victims all existing information on the systems and infrastructure to get out of their situation. Blog de géostratégie et de géopolitique en rapport avec les problèmes sécuritaires des nations, le développement économique, l'Actualité, l'Histoire du monde, les conflits en l’Europe, Amérique, Asie, Afrique, et leurs enjeux stratégiques.