Our universe is finite or infinite?

This question taps me for decades, our universe is finite or infinite? If the universe is finite, is there a limit but if there is a limit, that is there on the other side? If the universe is infinite, how to understand its density same how understanding the concept of infinity? All around us suggests that on the contrary things are finished even if these quantities can be colossal, everything seems to be an end. But yet, looking in a certain way, the universe could be both finite and infinite. Infinite in one direction is spreading so unable to catch up with the "limits". Finished because in reality, without having actual limit, it would be impossible to exceed a certain threshold. I have read many theories embodying the idea to go to borders would refer to the center of the universe, would turn,... However, based on simple theories of speed and severity, it is possible to imagine an amazing model. Talk about the severity, what is it? According to Wikipedia, is: " in the physical sciences, gravity is the force of . attraction " exerted by a celestial body on a body any" In fact, this gravity can have two components: Celle, natural, generated by its own mass Celle, additional, generated by speed (the Earth's gravity) Thus, two motionless body suspended in a vacuum each have their gravity due to their mass and eventually to attract one another if no other force is (what is currently technically impossible to produce). Now take one of the most common natural phenomena: the spiral. This spiral, convergent or divergent for imbalance and circular if balance is one of the more mundane forms that are, so that we no longer see them. If the forces are in balance, as in the case of the planetary orbits and satellite, the spiral becomes infinite and therefore circular, if the velocity of a celestial body decreases, the spiral becomes convergent until a new point of balance is achieved, if it slows down to stop, he will end up in the Sun. If a celestial body accelerates, it will expand its orbit to new stable orbit for its new speed and if it were to continue to accelerate, it would reach its release rate. More you climb in altitude, more gravity decreases and the air becomes scarce. In the winds, they have circular behaviours because they are the conjunction of a current ascending or descending with the rotation of the Earth. We often talk of infinite space and the sidereal gap and yet nothing is perhaps more false, space is perhaps not absolutely infinite and space is certainly not empty, there is only little dense in various materials. This notion that space is not empty is paramount for the suite. We also know that our galaxies rotate on themselves about a dense super heart, genuine Wells of gravity which can even develop into black hole and which could perhaps even be indeed a white hole. Therefore, the wind turns because of the rotation of the earth itself, the moon revolves around the Earth, and orbit Elliptically, stable, is due to fluctuation of gravity, idem for the rotation of the earth around the Sun and our solar system revolves around the centre of our galaxy. The theory of the Big Bang, everything would be born as a result of a massive explosion which has thrown the matter in any sense and created celestial objects but could also end in "Big Crunch". Now take a spaceship who wishes to explore the frontiers of the universe and will darken everything right by turning to the theoretical centre of the universe. Do ignore the limits of speed and time here taking huge values. At the beginning it will cross near galaxies that will gradually diminish and any material. Despite the distance, it will happen a time when the entire mass of the universe will be behind this vessel and a real empty before. It will be in a state similar to an aircraft has reached its maximum altitude under his wing, speed and density of the air. However, as all its environment undergoes this almost infinite attraction, even light rays, flows,..., everything will be influenced and be it "fall" or "stop", or could happen a curious phenomenon this collapse, it could go, without necessarily realize in an almost circular spiral "around" of the universe. The distance between him and the centre of the universe not accruing so more than on the expansion of the universe and, therefore, the rate of leakage of different galaxies. The universe would be more in this case actually limit but a there is a threshold beyond which there is more nothing but form impassable fault in fact of materiality for the existence or presence beyond but also because of the phenomena of severity of the rest of the universe. As long as one navigates between galaxies, it undergoes various forms of attractions that balance but, past a point, there is nothing to balance "before", everything is "behind" and there is therefore more than sufficient speed to break the forces of attraction colosalles who draw back either. What would be interesting to show in this idea, it is if passengers of the rocket may collect or not that they are now passed in flight in a spiral or not. There is two possibilities, either the vessel having been pioneer could create a kind of curved tunnel which would seem right because of the deformation generated by gravity they would to ask why they are more able to keep the center of the universe behind them but despite their efforts the keep calmly on their flank. They are somewhat limited in their movement to a little less than half a sphere of caps with the center of the universe as the central axis and the curvature of the universe reaches to subtract their half-authorized sphere of movement. For simplicity, I would say that the vessel is put to the edge of the universe at a distance proportional to both the speed of the vessel and the rate of expansion of the universe. A vessel that continue to him infinir should therefore have an infinite speed which, in this case, theoretically might lead to a form of ubiquity of all its States simultaneously, there are therefore now at any time and in any place of its trajectory. It could even form a sort of infinite loop across the universe on part part re-emerged at the antipodes of this where the universe is diluted. Now, if the idea is correct, it has two main interests: ** the first interest would mean that the day energy where that generates the speed of flight of the galaxies would decrease, the "Big Crunch" metrait still much longer than the expansion of the universe because galaxies would like this vessel, they would engage in a circular trajectory and we would get a form of orbiting of the universe for a period may be almost infinite because there is more actual expenditure of energy but a movement generated by a "fall" to the centre of the universe. Sure, it may be that with a huge time eventually it will create a spiral of convergence but as rapprochement generates an increase in speed that stabilizes the trajectory, the duration of this convergence would reach durations approaching infinity. The universe is perhaps therefore not totally infinite space but may well be in duration, finally. ** the second interest to study this idea focused on the perception, what is the passengers of the vessel would perceive that they are "satellite"? This is important because this stabilization of the universe has perhaps already occurred and that what we perceive as a single space is perhaps misleading and that what we perceive as right is perhaps finally the result of bends due to the forces of gravity. Why is it important? Because if that were the case, the distance in a straight line between the stellar objects are perhaps much shorter that we do now calculate them based on observations. The idea would be that we would not always able to detect fluctuations in trajectory due to gravity simply because our comments would be just as deformed as the path, by the same phenomenon. Even if this last hypothesis is probably the mark where it would be virtually impossible that our observations are distorted so perfect so that we do not perceive the aberrations of the model. But one can always dream, who knows? Well, we perceive the fluctuation of revolution of the planets due to gravitational effects so there is little chance that those of the universe are immune to this point but it is not said that singular points this theory should not be taken into account. Blog de géostratégie et de géopolitique en rapport avec les problèmes sécuritaires des nations, le développement économique, l'Actualité, l'Histoire du monde, les conflits en l’Europe, Amérique, Asie, Afrique, et leurs enjeux stratégiques.